Goal Setting and Systems: the Difference Between Losers and Achievers.

Goal Setting and Systems: the Difference Between Losers and Achievers.

Hello darlings. I officially welcome you to the new year.

Woo hoo! It’s 2020 and all that rings in my head as a typical Nigerian is how 10years ago, the most popular goals set to be achieved were termed “Vision 2020”. Remember that yea? If you’re Nigerian, you’d definitely remember! Steady power supply, lifting millions of people from poverty, etc.. all to happen by 2020. LOL. The government must have thought 2020 was 2050 cos well, here we still are ;),

Well dear, I’m not doing government things today. I’m more interested in you and I. It’s 3weeks into the new year, precisely 21 days. That’s a lot already. I’m late already but hey, I’m not deterred and so you shouldn’t be either. You’re here and so you’re ready to get down.

So as is conventional with the start of a brand new year, everyone is setting goals to achieve before the year runs out. What is/are your goal(s)?

To be a millionaire?

To get more customers?

To close more deals?

To get a healthy body?

To graduate from College?

It could literally be anything that you’re truly passionate about achieving. But first, ensure you have personalized your goals as much as possible. Don’t pick up one because others have said that’s their goal too. Alright?

Well now, you can see how easy it is to outline some stuff as your goal for the year. Hence, more important than setting goals is outlining the systems that you have to follow in order to achieve that goal. This is the basic differentiating factor between those who achieve their goals and those who don’t, the losers and the achievers. Because if not, why is it that as the year ends, some are successful at fulfilling their goals while tons of others failed at their goals.

These systems that determine whether you achieve your goal or not are actually a function of your daily habits.

If you wanna make a million this year as your goal, how much do you intend to make daily or weekly to culminate up to a million by year end and what actions do you take daily to achieve that? If you want to get more customers, how do you intend to be more active in advertising your craft? If you want to graduate this year, how do you intend to avoid the events that cost your graduation last year? In the end, the daily habits you build is what will guide you to make or mar your goals for the year.

Goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to those results.

Scott Adams.

Therefore, pay more attention to your outlined system than the goal you desire to achieve, that way you don’t float in dreamland only to wake up in December to the reality that you failed yourself. When you feel too lazy to turn off the TV, you remind yourself that you need to turn off the TV so that you can sleep so that you are energetic to defend your tender for that contract you wanna cinch, or you need to study to graduate from college this year, etc.

James Clear, in his bomb shell book ‘Atomic Habits’ which I’m totally in love with, says: A systems-first mentality provides the antidote. You fall in love with the process rather than the product; You can be satisfied anytime your system is running because it automatically translates to achieving your goal.

You fall in love with exercising, you achieve a healthy body.

You fall in love with studying, you graduate from college.

You fall in love with pushing your boundaries, you become a millionaire.

So darlings, now you know how to go about achieving your set goals for the year, I wish you the best of luck.

Never forget: Winners and losers have the same goals. She who outlines a system and practises it enough to love it, is she who achieves her goals.

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