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What Do You Say To The New Year?

Happy New Year to you! I wish you the best version of yourself yet! I wish that you achieve all that you set out to achieve this year. Success and fulfillment – just carry go. This is 2021! The fabled year that is supposed to save us from 2020. We got to believe that right? But the year isn’t going to do it all by itself, so what do you say to the new year? I believe this is the most important part of starting a new year. Reviewing your actions from the previous year – your successes and failures,…

Should Body Count Be Considered in Choosing a Partner? -How To Answer the Body Count Question.

How real is this body count of a matter in relationships?
Baby girl, don’t stoop low to answer those body count interrogations please. Have some dignity. If you were not raped, then at least you enjoyed your sessions. Except you’re a commercial sex worker who is not proud of her profession, plz pick up some sarcastic lines to answer such interrogations.
Try answering it like me…

Corona Isolation; How’s You Doing?

Have you done the Bob Daddy challenge? Or the married women challenge? Or any other one at that? Or did you jump on the G’string thread? Are you in on the Funky Akindele drama? Or are you one of those arrested for playing football on the streets?

Goal Setting and Systems: the Difference Between Losers and Achievers.

As is conventional with the start of a brand new year, everyone is setting goals to achieve before the year runs out. However, more important than setting goals is outlining the systems that you have to follow in order to achieve that goal. Goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to those results.

5 Reasons Why You Should Look In The Mirror More Often

Because I can’t pass a mirror without taking a peek, striking a pose or dancing; and with the general misconception that girls who look in the mirror too often are vain and shallow, I want to give you 5 powerful reasons to look in the mirror more often.

How To Prep Your Girl Against Rape.

The moment you have a child, you become responsible for them. Whatever your financial challenges, your children is better off hungry and loved than hungry, ignored and molested.
Let’s do the campaign #prepyourgirlagainstrape for parents to target their children from as early as 2years old.

4 Types of Poor Men You Should Never Date pt 2

Remember, not all poor men are worth dating, yet they will lead the crowd of “she left cos I was broke” chanters🤣.
So here’s the completing part of 4 types of poor men you should never date…leggo.

4 Types Of Poor Men You Should Never Date.

Not all poor men are worth dating, yet they will lead the crowd of “she left cos I was broke” chanters🤣. In such case, don’t let them guilt-trap, hold your head high cos they didn’t deserve you. Money is not everything – OK, but you really don’t want everything. I will introduce you to the 4 types of poor men you should never date…

How Men Envy Women – Is That a Woman Driving?

Men who cannot afford nice things for their women (or even for themselves) are so embittered by the thought of their fellow men offering these things to their women.
For many men, women being good drivers is not doable. They can’t even buy their own cars too. And owning a car from their husband is a crime too…

5 Things You Must Not Do On Valentine.

I’ve never been a hopeless romantic (although my boyfriend is) but when I hit a few not-so-nice rock bottoms this valentine, it occurred to me to put together 5 things you must never do on Valentine’s day. See here

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