Top 3 Ways to Handle Life Mistakes.

Top 3 Ways to Handle Life Mistakes.

A person asked how many mistakes they are allowed to make, because she feels she has made more than enough to last two lifetimes, plus maybe a half.

This exaggeration is ticklish but the situation doesn’t quite fancy a laugh.

So just tell me, how many mistakes are we allowed to make to pass the bar of being normal sane, or probably healthy?

This caused me to instantly recall a story I read about great losses in the digital currency world, where one James Howells bought bitcoins worth £7500 as far back as 2009 which however became valued at £4.5m in 2013.

But guess what? He had discarded his hard drive earlier. The young man went as far as scavenging the dump sites in hopes of finding it. Now that sounds to me like a mistake that could spread through a lifetime and more!

OK seriously I am not being insensitive. Thehe story just got to me that’s all. Coming back to how many mistakes one is allowed to make, here is what I could advise.

1. I don’t believe in comparing the gravities of mistakes.

It’s not a healthy comparison because all you’d do is find reasons to insist that yours is the worst mistake that has ever been made in the history of humanity since after Christ’s first coming. And that is in no way helpful to you.

You’ve done whatever you did, stop trying to weigh them. The weight is never pleasant.

2. Start thinking of how to right your wrongs.

The only solace in life is the hope that what is coming is better than what has come. The day you lose that, is the day living ends for you – not the day you physically die.

So accept what has happened, confess them by taking responsibility for your short- comings, forgive yourself for not knowing or not doing better, forgive whoever could share in the blame for aiding you in your wrongs, and start working on your future.

I understand that this is the hardest part of it all because overcoming guilt takes work; because you feel you don’t deserve to be forgiven, so you believe bad things should happen to you and ill fate should befall you.

The problem is, because you believe this, it actually happens. Because you refuse to take charge of your life anymore, you attract bad energies to yourself.

It will do you a lot of good to make a visit to a therapist to whom you can bare your mind to. Make new, dependable friends; join a club of activities that interest you; and generally try to restart on a fresh slate.

For you can’t go back in time to change the past, therefore the future must be your priority.

3. Never repeat them.

Finally, take all steps to ensure you never repeat same mistakes again.

In all I would say the number of mistakes we make is immaterial, but what we do with our lives afterwards is what really matters.

Do you sulk forever? Hate forever? Give up and decide to remain in the mistake, repeating them over and over just to spite yourself?

Forget the gravity, focus on the lesson, and the future. That’s what you do when you’ve made enough mistakes to last two lifetimes and maybe a half.

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