My name is Emmanuella.

I’m jovial, and witty, and I support women.


I am a woman who is all too familiar with the “Act like a Proper Woman” guideline (especially) for the young African girl.

And I hate it.

I assess & examine the psycho-social challenges we face as women that hinder our true self expression, majorly centered around Character, Career, Marriage & Motherhood, deeply steeped in culture and tradition; with hope that more women will deal with these issues much better.

The humorous and yet educative episodes of my podcast, BitchUp helps men understand women’s realities better, and helps women evolve better.

Also a Pharmacist and Psychology Enthusiast, Emmanuella loves to help women pry free of the grips and pressures of our society and be their own best friend by making herself accessible to a non-judgemental, thriving community of women willing to share, learn and unlearn. She loves to see women unapologetically wining!

In other words, embrace the three B’s: Breathe…Break the ice…Be happy.

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