Executive Virtual Assistant at your Service.

I will take your stress away; focus on making revenue while I handle your operations.

I will help you set up your digital business, digitalize your existing analogue business, and help you optimize your profit.


Emmanuella is your trusted Executive Virtual Assistant with several years of exposure and experience with the required data entry and other tools to make your life tremendously easier and productive. My resourceful, creative, focused, and professional disposition with great work ethics make me a favourite of clients. Great listener and communicator; I pay attention to detail to provide you results that are real solutions.

Since 2017 when I first created my first web page, till now after my 100th Email content and several softwares and spreadsheets in between, I believe I have been preparing to work with you. 

Over the years, I have developed versatile skills and indispensable work ethics. I am diligent, detail-oriented, reliable and reputable. I have excellent communication skills, you will never be blind-sided. I am also a voracious learner so have no fear with your requests.  And if you have a data entry work that is too voluminous requiring more workers, I am able to assemble a team.

So click that button now let’s have a productive chat. 

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