What Do You Say To The New Year?

What Do You Say To The New Year?

Happy New Year to you! I wish you the best version of yourself yet! I wish that you achieve all that you set out to achieve this year. Success and fulfillment – just carry go.

This is 2021! The fabled year that is supposed to save us from 2020. We got to believe that right? But the year isn’t going to do it all by itself, so what do you say to the new year?

I believe this is the most important part of starting a new year. Reviewing your actions from the previous year – your successes and failures, and most importantly your lessons learned. All so that you sieve out what you should carry on with, what you should drop and what you need to adjust.

Have you figured out what to say to the New Year yet?

Time’s going tick-tock, what are you waiting for? Are your goals set?

Well for me I am determined to make this year as unusual as possible. Yes because I have witnessed what my usual years look like – the laziness and procrastination to turn my dreams into reality.

Now that I have finally realised that the root of these problems of mine is fear, which I have outlined in my book: You Can Kick Ass Girl – How to Stop Doubting Yourself, Launch your Greatness and Start Living Your Best Life; I have gone ahead to confront these fears – or maybe I’m still confronting them.

But one thing’s for sure: I am not where I used to be – so not! And I am super proud of that and can’t wait to step into the light that I have so long hidden from.

Here’s What I’m Saying To The New Year:

This year is that year for me. No holding back. No imprisoning of the mind. No caging of My Wings. I have all it takes to make my flight, and it doesn’t matter how many times I might crash but I will rise and fly again. And after any crash I will fly even higher than before. Then someday, I will write my story in full and be an inspiration to young girl out there -that there are plenty asses out there waiting to be kicked by you. Will you summon the courage?

This post is essentially to speak to the new year, prophesy to 2021.

Having thoughts in your mind is good but speaking them out to your hearing engages all your five senses:

Sight – Calling your thoughts into existence right before your eyes, which we often causes us to proclaim as “I see it clearly now”.

Hearing – your ears hear your thoughts and thus engages the other senses.

Perception – this sums up all other three senses. Your imagination now appears close enough to touch, smell or taste.

This is why the phrase “speaking into existence” exists. When you are all engaged like this, you are prepped to set things rolling.

So I encourage you to go below to the comments section and write as you speak, what you say to the new year. And even after this exercise, keep saying it to yourself every other day as you work on your clearly set goals.

Most importantly, what are your plans for your business this year? Do you want to finally take it to the next level? Did you lose so much money last year that you’re considering quitting this year? Contact me let’s design a simple method to minimize your losses and completely organize your operations.

We’re all in this together. Cheers to the new year!

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