5 Reasons Why You Should Look In The Mirror More Often

5 Reasons Why You Should Look In The Mirror More Often

Hey sis, can you count how many times you’ve been chastised for looking in the mirror every now and then? It’s incredulous how our parents or the elder ones around would quickly reprimand us like “Hey! Wepu anya n’enyo!” (Take your eyes off the mirror!). But because I can’t pass by a mirror without taking a peek, striking a pose or dancing; and with the general misconception that girls who look in the mirror too often are vain and shallow, I want to give you 5 powerful reasons to look in the mirror more often.

  • Self-Acceptance

Do you know many people who avoid seeing their image in the mirror do so because they refuse to accept their image. You’re either scared you’re too fat, or too skinny; too light or too brown; too tall or too short; ugly or unattractive. Hence you stay very far from yourself and the best way to achieve that is to never see your dirty reflection, your ugly eyes staring back at you, your wrinkled nose breathing in air.

But accepting yourself in all your beauty and flaws becomes easier when you stand in your full length mirror and stare. And smile.

  • Self-Discovery
In truth, if you can’t talk to yourself, you can’t uncover a lot of inner pain, weakness, strength and resilience that you harbor.

Many times, it’s not just your image you’re staring at. You’re looking into your soul, asking questions, searching for answers. When you have accepted yourself and smile at what you see in the mirror, it ushers you into discovering more of you asides your physical attributes. You can actually discover and relate with your alter-ego via the mirror. You can hold sessions of intra-personal debates with your alter-ego in the mirror.

In truth, if you can’t talk to yourself, you can’t uncover a lot of inner pain weakness, strength and resilience that you harbor. 

Talking to yourself becomes even more effective and gives you less headache when you can see your own reflection.

  • Self-Love

You have discovered the things that make you the special creation you are, and so you move on to embrace yourself and shower yourself with nothing short of love.

You’re in love with yourself so you look in the mirror more often, the same way you want to see the love of your life all the time. So you can’t pass by the mirror without blowing yourself a kiss.

Having self-love gives you regard for your own happiness: choosing you always. So when you’re back home to your mirror and you see a sad face, you begin to communicate. Why are you unhappy? What happened during the day that beat you up? You evaluate and sieve out factors that threaten your happiness; be them human or situations, then you resolve to avoid them. All so when next you look in your mirror_ your shrine_ you see a happy face.

  • Confidence

Already you can see that when you look in the mirror often, you gather love and appreciation for yourself. What comes with it is that your self-esteem shoots up. You have much more confidence and respect for yourself as a human being. And you would not need to live by people’s validation.

You dance and laugh and practice your new makeup tutorial, drama role, model stance, catwalk, or that presentation you have in the office the next day.

You dress better to reflect your confidence level and you can very much strut into any office and display your art, negotiate better, work in a more relaxed fashion and kill anxiety. You find that you take compliments better because you already know how good you look from your mirror on the wall. You find that snide comments will not affect you because you are contented in your awesomeness and confident in your flaws. You are in total control of your emotions. All you can do is get better; for yourself, not to suck up to others.

  • Healing Scars

When you’re broken in your heart and spirit, looking in the mirror would be the last thing you want to do. However, that is one step you have to take to get ahead. When you have started to get help for your troubles, you need to stand in front of your mirror and reach out to your inner self once again. Remind yourself how awesome you are, how you are strong and can come out of this hole with your head up.

When you look in the mirror, you see all the things and beautiful people; family and loved ones; you have to live for. It gives you courage to attempt to live again.

And as soon as you’re able to smile so your reflection looks better, you have started healing… and what better way to do that than looking into your own eyes, seeing your own pain and making personal recommitments to life.

A smile in the mirror heals your broken soul.

So what would you like to see when you look in the mirror? A confident business owner who knows her onions? While you look like whom you want to be, I can help you actually become who you want to be. Let me assist you by relieving the stress in your operations. Contact me.

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