The Smell of Love is Courage.

The Smell of Love is Courage.

Hi dearie. It’s the season of love. The very week of Valentine. Just four (4) days away! So I’m going to have us feel the love in the air, smell it and get high on it. Because love is not for the weak, for the smell of love is courage.

Many say love is a fever, but I beg to differ. You see, a fever has a cure; all you need is some antipyretics. But love – it’s phenomenal, it has no cure.

When you’re in love, everything changes. You see life from new eyes; like you’re wearing a third lens. You feel like you’ve been myopic all your years: like what have you been doing alive if you haven’t been doing this?

The feeling of love is inexplicable. It’s something that professors would gather, philosophers would sit, yet none can rationalize what love is really about.

Honey, life without love is empty; intangible. Nothing makes sense anymore. You feel lost, like in a desert with no compass.

You could have muscles like Baptista, powers like Superman, yet love would bring you to your knees and make you feel like you’ve missed kneeling all your life. Yet the smell of love is courage.

You see, love conquers fear and makes you feel invincible. You feel like, what could ever harm you when the arms of the one you love are wrapped around you, protecting you from the wild. How could you ever feel empty when thoughts of the one you love occupy your head like buzzing bees.

Suddenly everything you’ve ever feared seems so small. Everything that’s ever tormented you loses the power to haunt you. Every burden that’s ever drained you slowly drifts away. You feel light. You feel your prison walls crashing and that choking hold melts away.

Now you can breathe, you can laugh. You can even dance in the rain and jokes have become funny. Yes you have found love again! And it doesn’t matter how many times you have found it and lost it in the past, because the smell of love is courage. Hence only the brave ones can truly love.

Therefore you should never be ashamed of loving. You experience some of the most beautiful things in life when you’re in love. Love is not for cowards. Those who have the capacity to love deserve our utmost respect because the world is so dark, and hearts so scarred; it takes a great dose of courage to love.

Happy Valentine sweetie…while we wait!

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