Your Marriage is Insane if…

Your Marriage is Insane if…

When I first spoke about insane marriages, a friend of mine laughed and thought it was funny. But is it really? Because when I can’t wrap my head around some issues in some marriages, I surmise it as insane. Obviously because these could very well lead to mental health breakdown.

Your marriage is insane if you’re:

  • A wife who cannot travel for a few days without shipping your kids to your mother’s only because your husband can’t stand handling his own kids for a few days.
  • A wife who knows deep down that your husband is molesting your daughter but refuses to confront the truth because it could cost you your marriage.
  • A wife that cannot entertain your sisters’ visits or any female visitor at all because girls are the “witches” that cause your husband to fall into temptation.
  • E.t.c.

I have come across cases where wives go out of their way to keep rape acts secret to save the face of their husbands and ultimately “save the marriage”. Or even become accomplices because her husband needs to be satisfied and she’s not enough. Oh come on. Is marriage a cover for abominable acts? Do you have to fry your sanity to stay married? Just so your hisband does not “send you back to your father’s?” Where is the sacredness of the institution then?

I really just want to point out that “we know”. Deep down we know these things that threaten our sanity in our marriage but we choose to live in denial all to “save face”.

Is it really worth it to live, denying the truth that the man you married is a serial abuser and could be the death of you. Or that he is a serial cheat who could never be satisfied with you and could pass you loads of STDs.

Oh girlie. Why have thou refused to awaken in thy brain?

What do you if you realize that your husband and father of your children is a psychopath who preys on women and little girls and your daughter is at risk of a lifetime damage by him?

Coming to terms with your reality is the first step to protecting or regaining your sanity. Because when you lock your problems in an iron box, you would have to drag the box with you everywhere___ and what a heavy box it would be!

Oh girlie, don’t lose your mental health over your marriage. It pains. It hurts. Especially if this was a man you had loved so much. You had such a perfect picture of what your marriage would be like. It’s also such a bigger burden if you don’t have a supportive family or circle.

But if turns sour, threatening your sanity, come to terms with your reality and put your children first. If you think you can manage, know ye that your children cannot manage. They will be damaged for life and could end up hating you too. Seek professional help.

Get. Help. Please.

Do you have any experiences or further instances to share with us or any advice? Please comment below. And share.

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