Would You Like To Be Richer Than Your Husband? |SSWPodcast E16

Would You Like To Be Richer Than Your Husband? |SSWPodcast E16

Can you count how many times you’ve come across such social posts asking “Would you like to be richer than your husband?”

We’re currently in an era where there is no longer a bridge between genders when it comes to making money. There’s no longer the gender that is expected to have less money and the gender that is expected to have more money. Everyone is chasing the paper and that’s all right because no gender is pre-born with the sole capacity to make money.

But still, questions arise here and there, debates about money and love, things like would you rather have money and not love? How rich would you like to be? Would you like to be richer than your husband or would you prefer your husband be richer than you? And all what’s not.

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When I come across these kind of debate posts on social media, I just ask, “Who said I have to choose? Why can’t I have both? Who said I can’t have both money and love?

Why do I have to choose if I would like to be the less rich partner in my relationship or in my marriage; I mean, why will I see plenty money and then decide to take just half of it?

I think this is a very weird question because I don’t think those who are richer than their husbands actually or deliberately went out of their way to be richer than their husbands in . Are these things really under our control?

Is it possible to be less rich than your husband on purpose? Oh well except when you actually refuse to take up opportunities just because you don’t want to get successful and overshadow your husband due to his insecurities or your own insecurities, whatever. But that’s a talk for another day.

In here, I am talking about women who are actually working to be successful – is it really under your control to gauge how rich you would be, to ensure you don’t get richer than your husband?

Well for me, it’s really crazy that such a debate topic should come up at all. I don’t think women actually dream to be richer than their husbands. I think women dream to be rich and I think it is actually man who bring up all of these comparisons because for some reason they are not used to rich women, most especially, rich wives.

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More like she might not respect me if she gets so rich and even richer than I am. She might refuse to do the laundry, you know, washing clothes with bare hands because she’s going to be fixing long fingernails🙄; She might refuse to pound pepper and do house chores…😏.

Naa, it’s definitely men doing these comparisons, regularly being conscious of who’s richer between him and his wife. I’ve never seen or imagined where women are gathered and the centre of their discussion is how they’re going to be richer than their husband and how they going to flex letting him know that they’re the ones in charge because they’re the ones that have more money.

Oh but men do. When they are gathered they could say things like “If I give her money for the month what else does she need from me?” “If I take care of her needs what else would prevent her from doing the things she’s supposed to do?” “She should know her place as a woman, as a wife.”

So Men really have a flex over their money. They see it as a form of security or power over their wives, which I think is crazy though.

Now for me, would I want to be richer than my husband? I don’t get to choose. What I want, which is what I think every woman wants, is to be taken care of whether you’re rich or not, or no matter how rich you are.

Like, the fact that I have a billion dollars doesn’t mean you have to make me do what you should do for me as a man as my husband. It doesn’t make you treat me any less than a woman.

I will definitely still appreciate that you send me appreciative gestures in form of money, in form of gifts, and all what’s not, as long as you can afford it.

So sometimes it’s not really about the value of the money, it’s about the thoughtfulness that you are giving me this gift, the fact that you care enough to gift me. And that is why you rich people feel lonely most times because nobody really wants to give them anything. People feel like they have it all.

I remember one time Linda Ikeji made a post that people go like “What do you give to a woman that has it all?” And she’s like “Please give me something oo.”

Most times it’s energy-sapping when nobody wants to give you anything because they think you have it all, because you are so rich, you’re a billionaire. As a man, you might be thinking, “What can I possibly give her? She has it all.” It shouldn’t be so.

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So when people are looking into women and keep going like “You want to be rich, do you want to be richer than your husband and overshadow your husband?” I ask, why compare my money to my husband’s money? Our finances should be a private matter. If we are public figures then you can go to Google and find out our net worth and that’s okay.

Asides that you’re already trying to pit people who are not even married yet against each other; you’re already trying to make them conscious of how much they should be making in comparison to how much the husband is making. That’s not okay.

And that is to say you, as a woman, shouldn’t dream any less. You’re not making your money for the sake of outsiders comparing your money to that of your husband. Make all the money you can make and he’s free to make all the money he can make too.

You really don’t know your destiny. You don’t know if you’re destined to be richer than your husband. You don’t know if your husband is destined to be richer than you. So when you start trying to control how rich you can be, you end up misdirecting your destiny and you could get it wrong.

We all incubate these ideas, and then you kick off your business. Then with time your business is going so well and you’re making so much money and then your your money seems to be the one that is really big in the household. Now what’s won’t with that? It’s not like you planned or intended to be ‘richer than your husband’, or ‘overshadow your husband’ because it’s not important. What’s important is that you are making money and your husband is also making money; you both are thriving at what you’re doing. The comparison is totally unnecessary.

Men have been richer than women for so long and yet they still cheat. But all of a sudden, a woman who’s richer than her husband cheats and it suddenly becomes the worst thing after bitcoin dip.

If we were to aggregate the energy from all the men who have been cheating because they are richer than their wives, then a lot of fire would have been generated from the energy combustion. I think it’s really the fear that when a woman becomes richer than her husband, then she could start cheating because men have been using their money as power over the woman, he makes more money so “I can do whatever I want to do”. So I think that’s really the fear, and like I said it’s unnecessary.

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Now if you’re a woman, or a wife and you started this business and then is booming so much that you have to expand or employ more hands and everything is going so well; Then you start getting that kind of vibe that you would overshadow your husband, or people start making snide comments or whatever the hell people do or say that make you feel like all “I have to reduce, I have to slow down so that I don’t overshadow my husband”, no girl it’s doesn’t work like that. Do you know what it feels like to stop a moving train that’s all you’re trying to do. You would think you’re just going to reduce a bit but you would actually find yourself at Ground Zero.

Don’t do it. Do not do it. Don’t slow down. Don’t compare. Don’t listen to snide comments. And don’t allow your husband’s insecurity to get the Best of You. Work as a team and fly to your highest potential.

So what do you think do you think it’s okay to try to regulate how much a woman should make just so she doesn’t get richer than her husband?

Do you think women actually set out to grow richer than their husband? Or do you think it’s men that actually bring up all these unnecessary comparisons, because I think it’s men.

So let me know your opinion in the comments I’d really be waiting for you down there.

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