Would you Kiss and Tell? | SSWPodcast E14

Would you Kiss and Tell? | SSWPodcast E14

Hey there, how are you doing? What’s up with you? I’m so glad you are back here, you’re back to my channel you’re welcome. This episode is about Kiss and Tell. Why are you kissing and telling? What the f**k is wrong with you?

We know what’s up with the BB naija reunion and everything that has gone down. And the internet is going haywire; the Nigerian social media is like, what? What’s happening? Like which Big Brother did we watch? What’s all these happening in the reunion? Why didn’t you show us all of this?

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People are saying Big Brother has ‘run us street’. That’s a Nigerian slang. You don run us street. So you didn’t show us all these things. So what’s been happening all this time? We spent three months; Big Brother is three months right? We spent three months watching the back of our screen😂.

Now I want to talk about the secret now made open. Kiss-n-Tell. A lot happened during the reunion thing. Some persons were voicing “I did this, I did that.” Like, “I gave this person a bl** j*b, I f***** this person, you know; and we didn’t see all these things on the telly. It’s crazy right?

Anyway kiss-and-tell; Would you kiss and tell? Like under what conditions will you Kiss and Tell? Is it a regular thing for you or has it ever happened to you? Maybe once or twice? Or has someone ever kissed you and told? This Kiss and Tell tell thing, what do you think about it? For whatever reason, let me know what your story was; let’s know why you told, or why someone told on you. Lemme also know how you felt. How did you feel when someone told on you? That’s embarrassing right? Did you feel ashamed? Did the person you told on feel ashamed? You know it’s a two way thing? It’s either you’re telling or you’re the one being told on. So which one were you and how did you feel either ways? I want to know. Remember, just drop your comments in the reply. I’d love to see them.

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So kiss and tell; you know, I always thought, not just me thinking; you know it was always men who kissed and told right? Like back in the days when it was such a big boy thingy that you were kissing every woman. Like people know you for that. Like he’s got this person, and that person. Like any woman he wants, he gets, and then he goes around town gossiping. You know men can gossip too, yeah. He goes around gossiping, “I did this with this person, I did that with that person;” and then the women were like the ones feeling so ashamed. They couldn’t even walk on the street because… “We know what you did”.

Did you ever watch "We Know What you did Last Summer?" Scary movie that I totally loved!😁

Now obviously, it’s not just men that are kissing and telling anymore. Did you watch the reunion? Some things I can’t just say. No way! But what did I think about that? Anyway, now that women have started telling too, is it good or bad? Like do you think it’s a step in the right direction? I mean just a few years back we were trying to hush men up from telling. Like why are you going around spreading that gist? Who wants to know? Who wants to know what you’re doing with your genitals? Like hello, it’s supposed to be a private thing, don’t bring it to us.

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And now we’re the ones doing what they used to do. So is it a step in the right direction or are we going all the way backwards? Is it their time to start telling us, “Don’t do it?”. I kinda wish they would. Like we’re always out there trying to correct men and then, they don’t try to correct us. That’s not fair. Don’t leave all the work for us, you know.

So, I think it’s wrong; I think it’s wrong. Yeah for real. It’s not cool, come on these things are private matters. Well, let’s see some reasons why a person might kiss and tell.

Why would you Kiss and Tell?

To feel better? To make people see you like you’re the big boy in town or you’re like the big girl. You’re the woke woman. You’re the feminist?

To shame the man? Like “Dude, you’re a 5 minutes man!” That’s not fair.

My Opinion.

For me, like I said, I’m not a party to kiss and tell. I don’t like it I don’t think it’s a mature thing to do. Everyone’s got stuff they are doing. If we all came out to say the things we’re doing, I think our ears, people would go deaf.

You know when they say, ‘An eye for an eye makes everyone blind’, and then ‘A tooth for a tooth makes everyone what? Toothless’. Now what do we call this one? ‘A kiss and tell makes everyone go deaf? Quote me😂. Oh My God! That’s the citation, you should cite me.

A kiss and tell makes everyone go deaf.


The Problem.

So here is what I think is really wrong. You did something with a person, it was consensual. You both are adults. You had sex that was consensual right? Now if things didn’t go well, why would you go ahead and mention it? Is it that you didn’t enjoy the session? If you didn’t enjoy the session, why not talk to this person privately? Why bring it out in public?

What happened to ‘Hey XYZ, I don’t like how you did what you did. Come on, you lasted only five minutes. I still have 20 minutes to go”. If he’s going to be ashamed, he’s going to be ashamed anyway, but then at least he’s ashamed in private not in public. And that’s respect; that’s maturity.

We all go, “Don’t shame women” literally all the time. If you see stretch marks, don’t shame women. if you see big tummy, don’t shame women. Whatever it is you see that is not cool with your eyes, don’t shame women. She’s seeing it too. You’re not the only one, she looks at the mirror, she’s seeing it.

So why does it feel cool to shame men? Do you think that if he was a five-minute man, he didn’t know already? Does that mean he should now go and kill himself? If you want to get him help, get him help. If you can direct him to where he can get help, get him help. What ever happened to discussing things with love and mutual respect? Come on! I mean where are we heading to? Where is this our generation heading to anyway? We didn’t watch you guys do what you did. We were not spectators, why are you now making us your audience in this matter?

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So why not talk to him in private? “Dude, you didn’t satisfy me oh. Dude, I didn’t like it. Come on we were just getting started and you were already ending.” Hello! If you know things you could use; healthy and safe; then tell direct them properly.

Meanwhile how do we know you’re being truthful? You know when people want to be vindictive or want to shame you, they’d hardly say stuffs that are true.

Now you’re vexed over something, you’re angry someone made you feel some kind of way. Then you go, “Ehen, after all he lasted only five seconds, or two seconds”, how do we know you’re saying the truth?🤷‍♀️ Are we going to go to court? Do you have a video that you want to show to backup your claim? What if he actually lasted an hour and then you’re saying this? Do you expect him to get defensive like “No you’re lying, I did it for 1 hour”,and you guys get into a real banter? I’m sure you can already see how very silly that is? And so dude is just going to be like ‘Please let me respect myself. I don’t want to take part in this” and then everybody just assumes you’re saying the truth.

Then again let’s assume you’re telling the truth. Why? To what end? Why would you want to shame this young man? I don’t get it. Did he you beg you? Like did you just give it to him out of pity? Isn’t it something you wanted too? If you didn’t enjoy it, why not tell him in private? Like I just don’t get it please.

What would my Reaction have been?

For me, I already said I would not. But if I were put on the spot; I think people claim that’s what happened in the BBNaija Reunion show, that one or two persons were put on the spot and so they just admitted it, threw caution to the wind like “What the hell? What’s there? I did it!” And then went ahead to start giving the details.

Hmmm. If I were put on the spot… Some people said “Deny it, It’s your word against mine”.😂 For me, I think I will deny oh😂. Let me not even lie, I think I will deny especially if this dude is good to me. Like he hasn’t done anything to deserve being ridiculed for whatever stuff that happened.

I’d probably admit it if there was something positive to say. I will be like “Yes I did it and I enjoyed it. It was good and we had fun.” Yeah, that’s something positive. Then dude is going to be like “yeeaah” and I’m gonna be like “yeeaah”😂.

So if there’s nothing positive to say, I’d straight up ignore or deny it. I wouldn’t like to put somebody’s son in that kind of public ridicule you know. I don’t have that kind of mind.

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But then if the guy, if the situation changes, like if it’s probably this dude that is trying to shame me… me, “emi”, like Yoruba people would say😁. You know how some guys will try to make you feel ashamed for something the two of you did, eh. Are you okay? The two both of us did this thing and you’re trying to shame me. Oh boy! My gbas gbos it’s coming that time. That’s when kiss-and-tell is allowed. We will finish each other and then I will probably announce how you lasted 5 minutes or 2 seconds or whatever😒. Buhhh, I don’t think I could ever be in such a situation. Nah.

So don’t kiss and tell. If it’s regular for you, start stopping it. It’s really not cool. It doesn’t give you a cool personality. There’s nothing woke about bringing private matters into a public space. Everybody’s got dirty linen, why do you have to wash your own outside? Your washing machine is bad? Take them to a dry cleaner. Your fingernails will break? Take them to the dry-cleaners. Come on, wrap it up and go wash it somewhere, then take them back home. Nobody is gonna know.

It’s nobody’s business anyway. Judgement day is one on one oh. You don’t bring a lawyer in front of God and say defend me. Nope. There’s no defense. You’re there, you’re answering for yourself and whatever you’re saying is between you and God. So don’t try to make us judges. We don’t want to judge that shit. We’ve got a lot of things we are doing with our life. So wrap your shit up and keep it to yourself.

That’s all I have got to say. So how about you? Do you kiss and tell? Have you ever kissed and told? Has it ever been done to you? How did you feel? My God! Some people will probably feel like “Let the ground open and swallow me”. Nope, not me. If I’m not denying it like I said . Then I’m owning up to it if it was cool and I’m saying yeah, I enjoyed myself. If it’s coming from the guy trying to shame me? No Way! We roll in the dirt together. So that’s for me. What about you? I would like to know. Drop your comments here

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