Women Don’t Like to Spend Their Money? |SSWPodcast EP12

Women Don’t Like to Spend Their Money? |SSWPodcast EP12

If I got a $$ every time I heard that women don’t like to spend their own money😂! Is it true or false? What do you think? When women work and earn money, where do their money go? Do women like to spend their money? Or do women prefer to spend their man’s money? And why so anyway? This isn’t about vanity, it’s about reality. Budgeting and all that follows women’s money. So on this episode of Sister Say What? Podcast, we’ll compare the list of needs of men and women? Do you see the result?😁 Let’s know if you’ll leave this episode thinking the same way!

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So, is it truth or fallacy that women don’t like to spend their own money? And if so why?

I’m sure this is not the first time you’re coming across this statement, but it hit me when some people came to my DM after I made a post. In my usual way of encouraging women to get seriously engaged and make your own money, so that you can afford the basic things that you need and keep growing from there, one or two persons came to my DM, guys, and they were like “ho-ha, even if una make una own money , una no go like spend am”.

Say what?

They said women don’t like spending their money. “You people don’t like spending your money. Even when you have money, you keep it in your pocket and you want to spend a man’s money.” Hehehe.

So what do you think about this? Is it true that women don’t like to spend their own money or is it just a fallacy?

Before I go into that though, I’m going to first tell you why as a woman you need your very own money; everything that is on your list, everything that you need money for. Let’s talk about these things first.

Personal Things You Need Money For.

Now we both know that woman wahala no dey finish, as in, our wahala plenty. It doesn’t matter your status, it doesn’t matter your financial capability, our wahala no dey finish. Like we always have so many things we need money for. Our list is this long, you know. So, I’ll compare and contrast’ what on women’s list that are rarely on the men’s list. Let’s go there.

1. HAIR.

It don’t matter the kind of hair you have; whether you have natural hair like mine, or you’re on low cut or you have relaxed hair; hair wahala is always part of the list. We all know that hair is summarized as the beauty of a woman, so women pay particular attention to their hair. Even the women on low cut still go to salon to touch it up.

While the amount you end up spending on your hair would of course depend on how much you have as a budget, make no mistake, you gon’ spend money on hair.


this is not about looking glam for a gram. Even basic make-up makes the list. See this makeup thing has levels oo. You could either be using the pricy designer ones, or you’re on the average, or you’re on the mediocre level.

I remember those days when we were in secondary school writing WAEC, JAMB and everything, the powders we used then were probably 500 naira or 600 naira, then lip gloss, blushers, etc. Although those things were really small money, we still had to hustle for it; asking dad and mum “Please give me money lemme buy powder.” But look at the boys same age with us then, in secondary school or writing WAEC or JAMB too, those things were not their problem. Dudes just needed to play football and drink water and maybe cat call girls. The point? No matter the level of the woman, make-up is on the list.

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This one is not about she’s a really humble person or she’s a church girl or she doesn’t really like makeup and all that. If beauty is not woman, I don’t know what beauty really is. So women and beauty is 5 and 6. There’s skin care, manicure and pedicure, etc.

As a man, if you’re not a public figure, it’s almost impossible to have beauty essentials on your budget.  How many men actually do skin care? How many men actually worry about their nails and toenails and all that? How many men look at the mirror and start noticing stuff on their skins except you’re a public figure, yeah you need to make money for brands and all that. But a woman you doesn’t need to be a celebrity to fret at her skin in the mirror.

The problem is, beauty essentials no dey finish. So as you can afford you’re buying.


Fast-forward to clothes, shoes, bags and several accessories like hats, jewellery and all that stuff. These things make up the wardrobe of a woman and it doesn’t matter the level of the woman, it’s still on the list whether you can afford the one of 1000 or the one if 10000 or the one of 100k? It’s still on the list.

So if a woman tells you she can’t find what to wear and you’re looking at her wardrobe and it’s packed, please don’t say anything. Just shift because she can’t find what to wear 😆 . I mean there are tons of clothes in the wardrobe but mehn “I can’t find what to wear”. Maybe the clothes I’m seeing are for Tuesdays and Wednesdays and I want clothes for Mondays. Maybe the bag I want to carry I can’t find a clothe to match it, or I have the shoes I want to match with this clothe but there’s no bag to go with it, or maybe there’s just no clothe is matching my mood at the moment.  Don’t mind my wardrobe, just know that I don’t have clothes to wear 😆 

And this happens to every woman so it’s not about how much clothes you can afford, you will always not have clothes to wear every now and then.

5. Personal accessories

These ones no dey finish oo. Are we talking about hair dryers? Are we talking about flat curlers? Are we talking about hot combs? Like there are so many accessories that a woman will come across and she just wants it. Or when women says “I don’t have money”, like many people are always telling me women never agree they have money. Haha, come on, we’re always saving for something! Guy, we’re always saving for something. Maybe there’s a Hot Comb I’ve been eyeing and I’m saving to buy it. 

What of toiletries anyway? Those ones that make housewives collect insult. And you know toiletries are a whole wardrobe on their own, like you can never buy enough of them and before you know it, those small small monies have reached 10k or 20k. When a man is giving it to you it is big money to him because you’re begging for it, so all these insults as a woman, avoid all these insults and make your own money do you understand? At least be able to afford the brands that are within your budget!

So now, all these things on this list, how many applies to men? At least in the way that it applies to women? Maybe 10%. Or 5%. So women always have a lot of things on their list and that’s why you see that men seem to always have extra money; for drinks, to hang out with the guys all night, for the club, and to even keep two girlfriends. “Where una dey see this money?” You’re keeping two girlfriends. You even have wife and you still keep side chicks. Wawu!

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Alright, back to the guys’ complaints that Women don’t like to spend their own money, I think guys can be funny sometimes.

Let me tell you something when you see a job advert that you’re interested in applying for it, a 100 others have seen that advert and they also interested in applying for it. when you’re writing the application and submitting it, a 100 orders are writing the application and submitting as well. Now what do you think these employers will do? They can’t attend to all of you so they are going to set some criteria to cut down the crowd until there’s a final list.

Then when they call you for an interview, you dole up to go make a statement. Dude you need to make a statement for a woman too. Because as you’re seeing her and you’re liking her, many other men are also seeing her and liking her. And as you’re trying to apply, they’re also trying to apply. And then you don’t want to make a statement of value? E don be for you oo.

How do I mean making a Statement of Value?

You have to communicate you have to find out her needs and then know when to come in. It’s really not a biggy. But the problem is this you know like I was talking about the job advert when you see one you should be able to make more research. Read about the company or ask questions know about their work cultures whether their work environment is healthy or toxic and know if there’s an opportunity for growth in the company, know how much salary you’re expecting, allowances and all of that. Okay now I’m giving you career advice 😆 but it applies.

The problem lies where you see a woman you and just be like “Woah! This one is fine! Front and Back well packaged, I’m going to get her! Ghen ghen! No trying for genuine connection.

Many times you don’t do things the right way. You just get carried away and at the end of the day you start complaining that she only wants to spend your money, never hers. That time you were pursuing her like that, what other value did you offer asides money?

This is not to say a woman is a less privileged. And she’s also not jobless cos we’re talking about women that are earning money here. So most times when I hear “Women don’t like to spend their money”, I think objectivity is lacking. You are there in her life and you are still expecting her use her own money and do everything so that she can prove to you that she like to spend her own money. Are you okay?

Like it or not, women are naturally on the receiving side of life while men are naturally on the giving side. Why else does she receive sperm and you donate sperm? This woman will grow your sperm and then give it back to you with your last name on it. Come on! That is the height of reception.

So know ye that women will receive and then in time they give. Men give and then in time they receive. This is why we encourage women to also give so that you don’t get lost receiving and forget that one needs to be also sensitive enough to also give. Then we also encourage men to feel comfortable receiving. Don’t feel less masculine because you’re receiving every now and then, you also deserve to receive. But hey, don’t switch the roles.

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To my DM friends, I told them guys, Women spend their own money, more so now than ever before. Dude I spend my own money. I budget for things and I get them and if it is high above my reach at the moment I keep it aside first. It’s not because I cannot afford designer brand and I’m now going out with you that I know you can afford designer brands I will not ask for it? Haba! I’ll ask for that designer brand 😀 . We should both know your capability, shouldn’t we?

You are in my life now again I don’t gat to do everything myself no more but that doesn’t mean that if you’re not there. I’m going to starve no I’m not going to starve I’m still going to budget and get the things I want to get.

But then the problem occurs when you’re with a woman that insists on designer brands even when you cannot afford it. Dude what are you still doing there? you want to die fast? Like I don’t understand it. Sometimes you guys just go and carry trouble that is bigger than you. You’re obviously suffering and smiling. She can’t afford designers, you can’t afford designers, yet she wants and insists on it. You remain there but come to complain to us, what’s the colour of your problem plz? Totally unnecessary pressure.

So… women don’t like to spend their own money?

Well we grew up saving because we always have so many personal stuffs on our list. Men somehow always end up having extra money for oringo. So when you are there, our money takes a backseat.

But if you start to insult us, we cast you aside and do stuffs for ourselves! That’s the idea of making your own money as a woman, so that they won’t insult you. It’s really that simple, like life is not this complicated.

So when you come at me with that women don’t like to spend their own money, I ask, “Spending it on what? On their needs or the extra niceties? Because a woman would have to really be stupid to not spend her money on her needs. But if it’s on the extra stuff? dude you are the extra, you’re the topping, you’re the chocolate toppings on the ice cream so you gat to do the extras.

So tell me what you think about this. Are guilty as charged? 😆  How do you feel when you’re spending your money all the time? Especially when you really wish somebody’s son should have been doing this spending at the moment. Hahaha. Tell me about it in the comments below and see you again on my next episode. Thank you so much for hanging with me. Don’t forget to like and share, and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

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