Why You Shouldn’t Forget That The Little Things Matter Most.

Why You Shouldn’t Forget That The Little Things Matter Most.

What makes you happy the most when you think about boo or bae? Now this might give you a fuzzy brain for a moment, but cast your mind on them for a while and meditate a bit. Yes you just smiled right now! So what did you see that made you smile? Check out, they are the really little things; stuffs you could take for granted; but these little things matter most in your relationship.

They could be as insignificant as the sound of his laugh when he’s in high spirits, the flutter of her eyes when she’s trying to fake anger, the way he lets you beat drums on his chest, or how she tugs at your beards.

Or they could be more significant like how he holds your hands when they’re shaking from fear and make you feel everything will turn out just fine, how she makes a witty statement out of every situation that just makes you laugh no matter how heavy your burden is.

In truth, the little things that we really can’t consciously place our hands are the most important elements of our relationships. They are the building blocks of our chemistry.

When you find yourself smiling absent-mindedly, your subconscious has just recalled one of such moments.

So because these moments appear so small, it’s easy to take them for granted and soon begin to be less appreciative of your partner’s nonconscious effort to keep you happy. You may only remember the big moments like when they bought you an expensive gift, took you to a classy dinner, or even expensive shopping.

The implication of this is that you can no longer recognize when the chemistry in your relationship has disappeared, and with it goes the feel of love. Because buying gifts and making likewise gestures are conscious efforts which anyone can invest in, but the subconscious and nonconscious gestures cannot be faked.

Therefore the little things matter most because they cannot be effected with pretentiousness. They are a clear reflection of the contents of our hearts and minds which are then executed by our bodies. This is why you should never forget them, nor ignore them, nor relegate them to the background.

In this regard, your Valentine’s day activity, if any, need not be extravagant before you appreciate your partner. Spending the day doing little things together also makes a remarkable Valentine’s Day communion.

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance… two (2) more days to go✌.

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