Why Women Should Not Have Sex.

Why Women Should Not Have Sex.

Dear TEBians, in my last post I wrote about the harm Sisters-only fellowships or Ladies-only programs pose to the upward civilization of our society. A sister however replied me. She sent me a direct message on Instagram @theemmanuella, begging to differ with my stance. Her submission is that these programs offer young girls and women morality to stay away from sex before marriage in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Below is her message:

Instagram DM - Sistersonly fellowships
Instagram DM by concerned woman

Pheew! If I got a dollar for each time I heard stuff like this…I would have become a proper millionaire already.

I often wonder what’s more important to the African society: that women don’t have unwanted pregnancies or that women don’t have sex.

Emmanuella quote: women having sex.

Now don’t get confused, these are two different things. That is the reason for something called Sex Education. But the obvious fact that the same society shy away from sex education unequivocally shows that they are  more interested in cutting women off from sex than preventing unwanted pregnancies.

A woman can have sex a hundred times without getting pregnant or have sex just once and get pregnant. Protection is key. Hence Sex Education.

No matter how much reality that is preached, the result can never be translated into reduced unwanted pregnancy rates for young girls. The best it would do is increase the rates of abortion and girls who die from it.

The reason is, it takes two to make a baby. The men that you ignore while hitting the hammer of morality hard on women will eventually deposit the unwanted pregnancy into her.

It doesn’t matter if she rejects their advances a thousand times, she will fall sometime and have the time of her life swiveling in sweet sensual pleasure.

And because she’s so naïve (as you raised her to be), she would get pregnant and automatically bear the label of a whore – she should have closed her legs of course. And then the man goes scot-free, no blames at all.

No ma. You should have taught her some good sex education, to protect herself. You should have taught her that a pregnancy is not the end of the world so she doesn’t die from a quack abortion. You should have rather encouraged her to pursue her dreams and aspirations as these are worth more than forcing her into a loveless marriage with an unwilling man just because she got pregnant.

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Sisters-only fellowships never teach young ladies rich stuffs like this. They hammer so hard on how your worth as a woman lies in keeping your legs closed and then have you chasing shadows seeking a man to feel complete. They do not care what you do about your own self in your own life, but how you replace your life with a man and live your life for him.

What they fail to realize is: when a woman has goals for herself, she becomes more conscious of protecting herself from undue distractions in order to achieve success. While riding her path, shes better suited to make her choice of life partner.

Dear concerned woman, I hope I’ve been able to enlighten you on this. I’m glad you read my blog. Thank you.

Note to babygirl: Be more concerned about the man you’re in a relationship with, than being in a relationship.

Cheers. Please like and share and drop your own comments.

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