What it means to be a Boss – Even if You’re not Ambitious.

What it means to be a Boss – Even if You’re not Ambitious.

“But I’m really not interested in this boss thing, I don’t have power abeg“, Nneka vented. “You’re really strong Ella, I’m not like you. I don’t have all these plenty ambition you have, so what do I need goal setting for? I don’t have energy to be CEO, political leader or all of that stuff really. I just want to work and get paid, have the best husband who take care of me and my children, you get? I don’t want stress. Set goals Ko? Abeg o”.

Does this sound like you? The ‘I’m really fine with whatever’ type. Life is not that serious no be so? No be all man go be Chairman nah.

You may be like Nneka – no goals and no motivation for goals because you believe you’re okay not wanting more out of life, not asking for more. You think you don’t care about being a boss because all you see when you imagine being a boss is a person leading a big company, ordering everyone about, going for late night meetings, not having time for family and friends – a person whose only target is to make loads of money even if at the expense of all other life hence too serious a life. But is this really so?

What does being a Boss mean?

More popularly, boss means a person in charge of directing and supervising workers, a leader in charge of a business or company, or again a person who exercises too much authority in an arrogant or aggressive manner – like “Oh she’s too bossy”.

Well all these are not wrong really, but that’s only the popular stuff everyone knows. So everyone’s hustling to be a boss forgetting the real boss you ought to be before ever becoming any of the aforementioned.

The most important Boss.

So you are like Nneka? Here am I, telling you to forget all of that fancy definition of boss right now. It scares you because it sounds so big and you feel so small. But hey, the most important boss you should be is Boss of You. Yes you! You are the first company you can ever run; your mind, your thoughts, your brain, your heart and your health are all different departments in your 9⁹. And guess what? You must run them all. You may avoid heading a company as big as Microsoft, but you must head You. The moment you refuse or fail to head you, to lead you, you are lost and you can’t get anything good out of life.

The most important boss you should be is Boss of You.

So here is the definition of boss I want you to hold dear, apply to your everyday living and aspire to as a goal:

A boss is a person who takes control of their own life. Simple!

When you take control of your life, it means you are able to trust yourself to pursue what you love, with the ingenuity that is a combination of your brain, your heart, your creativity and passion. You create a class of your own and you don’t need to depend on anyone for validation. You don’t just exist, you live.

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If you’re not the boss of you first, you can’t be the boss of anything else successfully. If you’re not first this boss, you will start businesses and they will fail, you will room helplessly and get frustrated or even suicidal. Being a boss of you creates self awareness, self appreciation, self love and self acceptance, hence creates a seat of happiness and fullness in your soul.

This should be your goal. So go ahead and set your goals right now to achieve this boss of you; set personal goals, spiritual goals, relationship goals, friendship goals, financial goals, etc. Look in the mirror and know that you are a Boss!


Take a step further and join my Accountability Network to ensure you stay on track and achieve your set goals. See you there!

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