Welcome Post

Welcome Post

Hi Visitor😊,

You’re reading my blog. Yay! It’s my first post yet so it’s specially dedicated to saying welcome to you, and I pray you become a TEBian today. Did I hear Amen?


Ok. I was saying, the spirit of the Lord has led you to my ministry and you must not leave “empty-smiled”.

This is the only ministry you will ever attend where the amount for sowing seed is Zero Naira, Zero Dollar. Doubt me? Ask your pastor.

So while you leave the minister “empty-moneyed”, thou must not leave her“empty-TEBianed”. Mba nu. Move this ministry forward and subscribe to my blog. You hear? It’s free of charge but the blessings lasts forever. Halleluyah?


Ok, I will give a little rundown of activities for this ministry.

First, your TEB Minister is none other than the Emmanuella herself. And this ministry is her blog. Hosannah in the highest. Always remember that prayer is the key, so when I say Halleluyah, make sure your “Amen” follows it.

So, yo! I am Emmanuella. I am called Ella, but isn’t everyone ‘Ella’ these days? So I stick with Emmanuella. Thank you. I am a witty, incredibly lovely and charming (I am the judge of this okay?) loud talker, who is a Pharmacist by profession, Lawyer by argumentative sessions, and Celebrity by indoor mirror-facing acting and dancing sessions (you are not allowed to picture that!). My name and singing must never appear in one sentence except separated with “cannot”. Good.

Now my latest, long overdue profession, is answering this ministerial call: blogging.

I’m all fun and sweet until you talk down women and their freedom of choice, expression and adventure. If you’re a rapist or you trivialize rape or encourage rape, either subtly or unabashedly, please you are not welcome to the TEB fam! Just disappear already. Rapists’ Castration and Ultimate Deathing (RCUD) is my lawyering professional advocacy (which I hope will become officially taught in school from kindergarten).

So hey, stick with me let’s grow this ministry. Amen? Welcome once again. Remember, don’t leave me “empty-TEBianed”. When you see that pop-up or the form below that says “Subscribe”😎, sow a seed of your email and begin to hear my voice in your inbox sounding all melodious😂.

I have only one warning though: Don’t try not to get addicted because you will😘.

Now that I know you have subscribed, I say, talk to you soon dearest TEBian. Lemme goan prepare the gospel for my next ministerial outreach.

Care to leave me a comment below?


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