Unbelievable Dream-Life of a Nigerian.

Unbelievable Dream-Life of a Nigerian.

Hi TEBians, if you’re a Nigerian reading this, chances are you would be least surprised. You can totally relate. If you’re not Nigerian, I hereby welcome you to our awesome Africa Magic. So while you’re here, don’t eat in your dream…and a host of other stuffs you must not feature in your dream.

In Nigeria, there are several superstitions that I can never understand how they came about. How can I? My ancestors didn’t choose me😪.

If you swim in your dream, you have a marine spirit attack. The church must conduct deliverance for you.

If your car gets bashed in your dream, you must park the car at your pastor’s house for 7 days, with fasting and prayers. Should it happen that you were in the car during the accident, you must suspend or cancel all plans of traveling for as long as your pastor says is okay.

What if you had a sizzling romance in your dream, you automatically qualify for cleansing, even exorcism, from your spiritual husband or wife.

One time at work, a co-worker of mine said a young nurse, with whom he exchanged greetings frequently, tried seducing him in his dream. So the next morning, he prayed so hard, then walked straight to her unit and warned her to steer clear of him😒.

Wawu! How embarrassed she must have felt.

He didn’t consider that she might have not the slightest idea he dreamt of her. I’m like “what if your subconscious was just playing visuals for you in the dream. But who am I kwen? He was a born again child of God and I’m only a world person😏.

So with all these, you still think you can eat in your dream in this country and wake up spending the whole day like it’s normal? No way. The people of the underworld have poisoned you my dear. You had better fast and pray. Even Nigerians in America will testify. Or do you think being in the abroad is an excuse😂?

Let a Nigerian man win lottery or Bet9ja in his dream. Ah! It’s a done deal. He must pray and kabash until the Holy Spirit gets tired and just grants him the win in real life. It doesn’t matter if that was the last thing he reminisced before sleeping hence the dream.

So you still think you can eat in your dream and be okay? In Nigeria? As a Nigerian? It’s like you want to meet God earlier than scheduled😂.

It doesn’t matter if what you did eat in your dream was Chinese food, Italian meal, or some other foreign foods; as long as you’re Nigerian and have Village people, the rule applies.

Pray and fast for 7 days or more. Engage your pastor and gather your Charismatic prayer warriors. However, be sure to package a fat envelope for your pastor first😂.

Me, ayam not saying those prayers are not necessary ooo. Hmmm, I’m only reporting Nigerian Dreams Constitution live. Lol.

Anyway, for me, I’ve been driving in my dream😂. Three times now. The first car was one kpako vehicle having the trottle and clutch pads in front while the steering wheel was at the back seat😂😂😂. Then I ended up with the most prominent which was the Infinite FX35 that year. So you see…an all time step up.

I’ve been procrastinating the prayer and fasting. Who cares to join me please let’s bring a ride home?😂.


What other Nigerian superstitious dream can you add? Please share, don’t break the fun🤗🤗.

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