The Madam Vice President and You – What To Learn |BitchUp Ep7

The Madam Vice President and You – What To Learn |BitchUp Ep7

This past week was a memorable one – an official history-making one. Our darling ol’ United States held their inauguration for the new POTUS Joe Biden. You know who the history is about, don’t you? Our darling Kamala Harris! The inauguration of last week officially makes her the first ever female vice president! Woo-hoo! Bitches winning everywhere I turn! To think our darling old Hillary Clinton missed the presidency by an inch 4 years ago, it gives me so much joy and gladness that Kamala Harris has happened! And so this episode has me asking you what the f*** are you doing beating yourself up settling for less, when there’s so much more out there?


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There’s so much I’m moved to talk about, I almost don’t even know where to start. Lemme give you a brief, relevant history of the Madam Vice President, Kamala Harris.

About Madam Vice President, Kamala Harris.

Harris is an American attorney and politician. She served as United States senator from California between 2017 to 2021 and as Attorney General of California for 6 years, 2011 to 2017. She was elected district attorney of San Francisco in 2003. Apparently the ‘first Madam Vice President’ record is not her first history-making record as she was the first South Asian American to serve in the US Senate.

As a senator, Harris advocated for health care reform, federal de-scheduling of cannabis, a ban on assault weapons, progressive tax reform, to mention. Before her election as the District attorney of San Francisco Harris had a 14-year career spanning 1990 to 2004 where she was actively making impact, pushing boundaries, taking her challenges head-on. This brings me to her personal life.

In contrast to everything you knew and considered normal or essential for women, Kamala Harris did not graduate college and got married immediately, neither did she start having children. In fact Harris’s not even a biological mother to anyone and guess what, she did not die!

Kamala met her husband, who is currently the second gentleman of the US, at 49 and got married at 50. Her entire life did not crash! She did not lose a hair on her head. Her self-worth did not decrease by an inch, instead her net worth kept rising. Now what do you say to that? So shove your insecurity up your ass if you are still suffering heart failure because you don’t seem to be getting married anytime soon!

The Second Gentleman.

Now just as I am excited for Harris, I am also hopped-up for her husband, and so make welcome, the first-ever Second Gentlemen of the United States: Doug Emhoff!

This man is giving me joy! I stand a King! Yes, a King he is! Any man who cheers his wife, supports her and is not intimidated by her shine is worthy of the Crown and Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff is an epitome of such a man!

Have you watched him? Have you heard him speak? Have you followed him on Twitter? This man is a whole vibe. He seems even more excited than the Madam VP herself about his new role. And courtesy of his wife’s elevation, he has also made history not only as the first-ever husband of a US Vice President, but also as the first Jewish spouse of a US Vice President.

Emhoff has two children with ex-wife Kersten Emhoff who remains a close friend of the family including Harris herself, and whose two daughters are more than happy to have Harris as stepmom. Do you see here that Divorce doesn’t have to make you enemies with your spouse? And divorce shouldn’t stop you from being parents to your kids either!

So love, now that you’ve met our muses for the day, let me get right down into the nitty-gritty of this episode.

Having witnessed a US Madam Vice President inauguration, answer these questions:

As a woman, what do you see as your limitations to fly? Is your gender one of them? Come off it!

Are you single, worried and desperate? What are you doing with your life in your single status? Will your life become worthless if you end up not getting married? Or not having a biological child?

As a man, what space of mind have you placed your wife in? Do you desperately cling to your manhood as defining of your power status? Do you feel you will die if your wife shines in public? Or is it only the pots and furniture at home that she should shine?

Come on girl, whatchu doing with your life like right now? Still waiting until marriage before your life begins? Still? Cut that crap! You need to understand that you are you first before anything else defines you and time waits for no one.

You know it’s funny how you only remember time when you’re worrying about being single. So “I’m clocking 30 still no man. Time is not waiting for me. 40 will come knocking soon.

“Oh dear! Why do you never say “Oh I’m clocking 30, still not a millionaire… or still not started my charity… or still not started my own book club… or still not a manager at work… or still not sold out… or still not overbooked… or still not anything, anything at all that is your goal, your dream, your Life’s purpose, or at least that is in line with it!”


Are you still suffering from slavery and second-class citizenship in your marriage and instead of fighting your way up, you keep dimming your light, because maybe when you are small enough, or silent enough, or serville enough, or submissive enough, just maybe then he will love you, or at least acknowledge your existence.

Come on girl, bitch up already! The world is passing you by while you can only peep through the window!

Bitches are winning out there while you’re in there taking beating and humiliation because you have no child or you have only girls. Come on, bring them girls out here! They’re the bitches we needing!

When they say life begins at 40, it wasn’t specified for men, it’s for women too. It means that before you are 40, you would have at least crushed your hustles and then start leaving by 40, married or not, go out there and achieve!

This means if you are still waiting till you get married before you start living, or till you have children before you start living, 40 will come and go and you have not even started your life yet.

Uncle, you’re still there beating up your wife, yourself and your manhood because all you could produce are girls? Please kindly donate your penis to Kamala Harris, she has enough balls to make it a complete set.

Doug emhoff did not die when his wife became Vice-President. He did not lose a hair on his head for having only two female children. Doug is over-the-moon excited to become Second Gentleman, but you, even the 1001st gentleman position you no see, but you’re calculating wife material by how much she can use and cook soup and still bring home change. Keep on romanticizing poverty.

“Why should she leave the home for work what is more important to her – you or her job?” Uncle you and poverty equal to 5 and 6.

Do you know what was involved behind the scene all this time? All we’re seeing right now is an inauguration making Histories, but we did not see tons of sleepless nights and late-night meetings, appointment and erratic schedules, lots of travelling and sleeping over in hotels which Kamala would have been doing, which of course we take her away from the home. Who would cook and wash? LOL. Nigerian men left the group chat. Uncle come back o.

Are you aware that Doug took a leave of absence to support Kamala’s campaign and finally resigned his job to become a fully supportive 2nd Gentleman? Remind me who you are again that you will raise hell instead of leaving your 100k job to relocate where your wife has a 300k job. Uncle pack up and find a new job over there jor. Yeye dey smell.

Madam Vice President Kamala’s Husband, my dearest Second Gentleman, made a tweet that hit me deeply. He said:

“I am honoured to be the first male spouse of an American president or vice-president. But I’ll always remember generations of women who served in this role before me – often without much accolade or acknowledgement. It’s their Legacy of progress I will build on as Second Gentleman.

Doug Emhoff

Aawwwnn. Lovely.

Highlight for me: ‘Generations of women’, ‘Without accolade or acknowledgement’.

Like for real I tell you, it’s so cliche that people even go ahead to criticize a woman when her husband gets elevated, like “That’s what women like now, chopping her husband’s money and just lazying about”. Now no one is accusing Doug of ‘chopping his wife’s money’, lol.

Doug has proven that such excitement for your spouse and the limelight is not for women alone, men have simply not had much opportunity to showcase theirs. Sorry love, take heart.

You see, no one really pays attention to the goods that first ladies and second ladies do – except when it’s something negative and then everybody is coming at them, – but now, look how every single good Doug would do would be worshipped. Could this be because men are so unpopular for doing good that their good has to be specially recognised, like how a Nigerian husband cooking or babysitting is such a big deal worthy of praise and worship?

Well hopefully, when more men assume such positions, it will stop appearing like such a benevolent act – and this can only happen when more women rise and shine.

So babygirl, forget your age forget your ring finger, forget anything that is not within your intellectual prowess and get to work on building a life for yourself.


Look if Madam vice President Harris was sleeping and waiting for her Prince Charming to come wake her up and hand her her crown, she would never have created such a blazing track record that got her where she is right now. And most probably, Doug would never have found her, or wouldn’t have picked interest in her because her life would have been miserable.

– And did I tell you it was a blind date? Oh yes, getting old doesn’t stop you from going on dates and hooking up, just the way it shouldn’t stop you from leaving a goddamn fabulously awesome life!

So that’s it on the Madam President and You. Hope you learnt a lot and you’re bracing up and bitching up and building a great life for yourself, with or without a man. And I wish you the best man for you. Do not settle. Worries and desperation make you settle, don’t. It’s never too late!

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