Should Body Count Be Considered in Choosing a Partner? -How To Answer the Body Count Question.

How real is this body count of a matter in relationships?
Baby girl, don’t stoop low to answer those body count interrogations please. Have some dignity. If you were not raped, then at least you enjoyed your sessions. Except you’re a commercial sex worker who is not proud of her profession, plz pick up some sarcastic lines to answer such interrogations.
Try answering it like me…

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Are You in Control of You?

Ever asked yourself “Who Controls You?” Are you truly the one in control of you, your choices, behaviours, speech? Or do you let others control you, voluntarily or involuntarily. Yes. People can control you without your knowing it. It’s worse when you think you’re in control not knowing you’ve lost the power. So how do people control you involuntarily? When you always react to provocation. Some people are quick to anger. Some even pride in it, you hear things like “na small thing dey vex me” or “I dey quick vex no try me”. You really believe it’s a great stride

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How Often Do You Seek Validation?

You see, it’s natural for human beings to seek validation in a lot of ways. Many times, we go out of our way to control how people view us. We want to make sure others see us in a certain way, through a certain kind of lens that magnifies us in some way.

We unconsciously or subconsciously try to buy respect with money or some other form of vague physical exchange currency.

It’s in the clothes we buy and the boutique we buy them from. It’s in the designer we wear their shoes or the brand we rep their bags.

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