Demystifying Rape: An Obsession with Power.

I watched the Hollywood movie, Red Sparrow, played by Jennifer Lawrence. Have you seen it yet? It’s one hellova movie. There is so much I wish to draw from that movie to buttress this rape affair. Meanwhile, the movie has a strong adult theme —no kids allowed.

First, there’s this scene. It’s a hotel room. Jennifer appeared sultry and acted consenting to a sexual affair. The man on the other hand, wanted it violent—typical of a rapist. He chokes her, tears of her panties and enters her violently amidst her pleas of taking it slow…

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Her Husband Raped Her.

Dear TEBian, I got this heart-wrenching call today from a friend and colleague and for some 30 minutes later, I was unable to think of anything else. Neither could I think properly. 

So this woman came to make inquiry at the Pharmacy on how she could access emergency medical help…

Because her husband raped her! And she strongly suspects him to be HIV positive.

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