Married But Lonely: Advise Her. |SSWPodcast E19

So I made a comment on a post about a woman who was married but lonely, in a private group which I wouldn’t mention because the group is private, and this comment garnered over 100 likes within a 12-hour window. 100+ likes, I think the last I just checked, it was already over 120 and it really touched me because I’ve always had this in mind, I always knew this was a situation but I didn’t realize that some people were just waiting for someone to see it say so that they could agree, they could say yeah, so someone

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What is the Nigerian Teenage Girls’ Dream? |SSWPodcast EP11

I remember growing up thinking marriage was an easy-peasy; I mean it had to be easy for everyone to be talking about it the way they were.
It’s hard not to think like that when you grow up in Nigeria; like everyone is literally talking about marriage.

Does the dream of these young girls go farther than ‘Get married to a rich, handsome man and have a bunch of kids?’

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How To Not Kill Your Husband – even if he “deserves it”.

Considering killing your husband? Read this. In reality, it takes more than the momentary feeling of victory to survive as a murderer. Can you really bear the guilt? Are you sure that you can move past the gory act? Can you stand the recurring nightmares? And live the lie forever? You might actually suffer even more psychologically damage than you already have. I suggest you leave and heal. Still want to kill your husband? Do it this way…

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Your Marriage is Insane if…

Your marriage is insane if you’re:
-A wife who cannot travel for a few days without shipping your kids to your mother’s only because your husband can’t stand handling his own kids for a few days.
-A wife who knows deep down that your husband is molesting your daughter but refuses to confront the truth because it could cost you your marriage.
-A wife that cannot..

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Should He Beat You or Send You to Your Father’s?

Just some days back, I came across this post on Instagram “You really did something very bad that provoked your husband. Would you rather he beats you and forget the matter or send you back to your father’s house?” Hmmm….

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How To Get Married with Zero Wife Material

Surprised? Lol. In case you didn’t already know, the small tiny remaining wife material I had has finally been stripped. It was remaining enough to at least sew a small towel (shirt-size) when I told my boyfriend that I cannot cook vegetable soup. But now, after I had to submit Ugba to my younger sister to prepare because I couldn’t prepare it, my wife material is no longer enough to sew even a face towel. Hehe. So my people, tell me how do I get married?

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‘I Can’t Marry a Man Who Earns 50k Salary’

I Can’t Marry a Man Who Earns 50k Salary – The problem is that the culture here wrongly sees children as the main reason for marriage. N50k per month can manage to feed you and your spouse. What it cannot do is sustain the training of your children.

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Her Husband Raped Her.

Dear TEBian, I got this heart-wrenching call today from a friend and colleague and for some 30 minutes later, I was unable to think of anything else. Neither could I think properly. 

So this woman came to make inquiry at the Pharmacy on how she could access emergency medical help…

Because her husband raped her! And she strongly suspects him to be HIV positive.

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