How to Sit in a Taxi as a Fat Woman.

But today, there was no hope of a bus because only taxis loaded from my junction. As usual, I mentally prepared myself for the sordid torture of being squeezed and jampacked like sardine for the 10 minutes ride. So then, I poked my head into the taxi only to sight this overly plus-sized woman. Oh no, Oh my wawu! Today is clearly my unlucky day. Who did I offend? Did I forget to pray for protection from all forms of discomfort?…

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Unbelievable Dream-Life of a Nigerian.

If you swim in your dream, you have a marine spirit attack. The church must conduct deliverance for you.

If your car gets bashed in your dream, you must park the car at your pastor’s house for 7 days, with fasting and prayers. Should it happen that you were in the car during the accident, you must suspend or cancel all plans of traveling for as long as your pastor says is okay.

What if you had a sizzling romance…

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My Lagos Experience

Everyone knows Lagos innit? Yea. I just feel like sharing my Lagos experience. So that was how I woke up by 4:30am, did my toilet rituals (and I didn’t even go in the toilet with my phone just to avoid wasting time…how boring!), had a quick bath and wore a glam make-up, only to sit in a bus for a 2 hour ride to Oshodi, feeling sleepy all damn through!

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Never Fry Plantain First, It’s a Trap.

So I was thirsting for the breakfast of my dreams: fried plantain plus fried sweet potatoes plus fried egg downed with a cup of coffee. Oh my favourite things in this world of sin.

Now, it’s not normal of me – must have been my village people doing soft work on my case- but I zombie-shly started slicing the plantains first.

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Saint Emmanuella and Naija Celebrities

Therefore, I spent the time wondering which of our Naija artistes will be handling the mic singing the “Oh when the saints… Are marching in…” song for saints like me to march into heaven☺.

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Welcome Post

Hi Visitor😊, You’re reading my blog. Yay! It’s my first post yet so it’s specially dedicated to saying welcome to you, and I pray you become a TEBian today. Did I hear Amen? Yes. Ok. I was saying, the spirit of the Lord has led you to my ministry and you must not leave “empty-smiled”. This is the only ministry you will ever attend where the amount for sowing seed is Zero Naira, Zero Dollar. Doubt me? Ask your pastor. So while you leave the minister “empty-moneyed”, thou must not leave her“empty-TEBianed”. Mba nu. Move this ministry forward and subscribe

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