How To Prep Your Girl Against Rape.

The moment you have a child, you become responsible for them. Whatever your financial challenges, your children is better off hungry and loved than hungry, ignored and molested.
Let’s do the campaign #prepyourgirlagainstrape for parents to target their children from as early as 2years old.

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Demystifying Rape: An Obsession with Power.

I watched the Hollywood movie, Red Sparrow, played by Jennifer Lawrence. Have you seen it yet? It’s one hellova movie. There is so much I wish to draw from that movie to buttress this rape affair. Meanwhile, the movie has a strong adult theme —no kids allowed.

First, there’s this scene. It’s a hotel room. Jennifer appeared sultry and acted consenting to a sexual affair. The man on the other hand, wanted it violent—typical of a rapist. He chokes her, tears of her panties and enters her violently amidst her pleas of taking it slow…

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