Should Body Count Be Considered in Choosing a Partner? -How To Answer the Body Count Question.

Should Body Count Be Considered in Choosing a Partner? -How To Answer the Body Count Question.

I recently came across a thread on twitter discussing body count and the stance of several contributors caught my interest. And on the larger part, I was disgusted but definitely not surprised. I will tell you why but first, I will explain what body count means.

Body count is a phrase that conventionally means “how many persons one happen had sex with”. All though it literally means “how many bodies have died by your hand”.

How real is this body count of a matter in relationships?

Well, I personally don’t have issues with people that consider body count as important. This is for varying reasons ranging from morality to health status as per STDs.

I however find it appalling that there exists wide bias in the judgement of body count as pertains to the two sexes.

Men are excused for high body counts – heck, even glorified. But when it gets to women, they start playing the conservative card. The whole morality guilt charge.

Oh come off your high horse! God ain’t gonna judge any of us differently for committing same sins.

You don’t go before God and say “I slept with 50 women buh you know Lord, I’m a guy. So…”

See how stupid you sound already right? So a woman has a body count of 20 and so disqualified for the wife position. Buh the man with a body count of 50 don’t matter cos somewhere in your epic brain, you’ve registered that a man don’t need to make a good husband. He just gotta be a husband. That’s all.

I tell you something for free. Both genders have responsibilities to live up-to in marriage, not just the wife. You can’t be a community penis and get the moral right to request a decent woman for a wife. No dude, you gotta reap what you sow.

And then there’s that other thing of complex interwoven with ego. “If she’s had this level of experience then she might be too much for you. Who knows, if you she finds you keeping mistresses she might just leave without looking back”.

I’ll tell you another thing for free. You really not concerned about her being moral or not. You’re really pretty concerned that she’s doing the things you’re doing, and it’s threatening your obsession with control. Because “how dare she have had the adventures you’ve had? How then can she be humble and submit herself to you?”

Oh well, baby girl cannot come and kill herself on top your matter. If you’re a body count tracking police for women, kindly extend same judgement to your male folk or better still, zip it up.

And dear ladies, don’t seek validation from these men. Don’t stoop low to answer those body count interrogations please. Have some dignity. If you were not raped, then at least you enjoyed your sessions. Except you’re a commercial sex worker who is not proud of her profession, plz pick up some sarcastic lines to answer such interrogations.

Or step it up like me and throw it back. Whatever answer he gives, double it with a straight face, then burst out laughing and never go back to the topic. Ever.

Lemme know if you agree with me or drop your opinions in the comment below. Do well to share. Cheers✌.

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