Procrastination Triggers: Working Solo.

Working alone; feeling alone, can be really daunting and easily forces people to give up or procrastinate incessantly, even with great plans and motivation.

Without someone or a group of like minds, one can easily get tired of doing so much, or get too flexible with accountability and too much time passes by wastefully. That’s the major reason I started this program!

By being part of my team and taking active participation in my Accountability Network, you will improve tremendously on your goal. 

As as I said earlier, I am a recovering procrastinator, so when I learnt of the strength in accountability networks, I made the decision to raise one – because I helping others, you help yourself too. So we’re all in this together and we hold one another accountable to our commitments to productivity.

SIDE NOTE:   – Have you ever had an accountability partner? How was your experience?

                        – How are you doing so far?

                         – Are you excited to be here?

                         – Are you fired up to finally achieve that goal of yours or get your life pretty organized?     

                          – Ready to dive into solutions?            


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