Procrastination Trigger: Time Inconsistency.

Procrastination triggers are the salient reasons we procrastinate on important tasks without even knowing it. If you realize your trigger and work on, you would improve on that task.

Time here doesn’t mean that the zone in Lagos differs from that in Johannesburg. The time zones we’re concerned with are those in the Present and in the Future. Safe to say, our present self and our future self are not best of friends.

Time inconsistency means that these two selves have different desires or intentions. Your present self is interested in short-term gratification, while your future self is concerned with long-term rewards.

So you want to lose weight: Future Self wants you to eat apples right now, but Present Self wants burgers. So you think “Eeerrmmm, Future Self is 5 years away, surely one burger won’t make me obese”. So you grab one burger, – Except this may occur on several other days with different other foods. Remind me again what makes up years… days! So vooom, and Future Self arrives — Obese!

SIDE NOTE: Always remind yourself that your Future is the real MVP, so you must live like your Future Self is here already. Make a note of your short term gratifications that tend to come in the way of your long term goals.

  • What are your biggest struggles with your present self as regards following through to your goal? What reasons do you often use to justify giving in to your short term gratifications?


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