Self-Regulation Training; the PURRRR System.

The most critical Procrastination Solution is the Self-Regulation Training which you employ in the midst of working on your priority task, at a point when you face a procrastination trigger.


This is the actual system that outlines steps you follow once you’re now seated to work, to avoid stopping halfway and procrastinating the rest. You must follow this, get accustomed to it, accomplish your daily tasks and give your brain the feel good hormones.

PURRRR stands for








Now what does signify?


Once you have settled down to do your ‘FIRST-THINGS-FIRST’,  and in a short time, a moment of procrastination temptation comes upon you – remember PURRRR and implement.

Let’s say your plan for the day based on your First – Things – First list is to write the Chapter 1 to 3 of your new novel at 9am.


      – You have overcome the main temptation to procrastinate (or avoid doing) by choosing to please your Future Self who is an accomplished, award-winning author, but still placed a gratification (for your Present Self) of watching your favourite movie on completion (plus the praises you will receive from your accountability network here). You’re now seated at the table in your room or office and you have stated writing. Kudos!


– Then 15mins in, you’re drifting away, your mind is starting to roam. Without actively choosing to, you’ve started daydreaming; – about that movie trailer, or that island you wish to vacation in, or some really cute, dashing guy you’re attracted to. Good news is – you probably didn’t choose to daydream at this time, but unlike before when you wouldn’t realize what you were doing until 1 hr goes by unproductive; now that you’re here in this program, the moment you start daydreaming, you know you are! Next thing is, what do you do?


– Or maybe it’s not a daydream. Maybe it’s your hands suddenly itching to grab your phone. “It’s just to reply WhatsApp messages for 5 mins”, you tell yourself. “Just to check a particular page on Instagram”, you say. “Only one page”’ you insist. What do you do to avoid grabbing that phone, even when you know deep down that once you take that phone, your work is cancelled for that session or even the whole day.



  1. UTILIZE – this means utilizing all resources, all your strength, to resist and subdue your procrastination actions. Open your mouth and speak out loud; warning yourself to not go down that road. Talking out loudly tricks your brain to assume a state of submission because it feels like someone else (most likely a superior person) is talking to you, or giving you instructions, or scolding you. Remember, your subconscious has no eyes. So call your name like: “Ella! Don’t do this right now! Don’t even dare! This isn’t what you planned. You made a promise to yourself to focus!
  1. REFLECT – now reflect on that thing you’re being tempted to do; to daydream about cruise, to surf your phone, – how does it make you feel? What do you tell yourself to justify doing it instead of your priority task? Just take a deep breath and admit what is happening to you right now and why you want to give in to this temptation. Did you say ‘Just 5 mins?’ ‘You’re tired?’ ‘You need a break?’ ‘You just want to feel good for a bit?’. ‘You just want to know the latest on Twitter?’. Write down these justifications if possible.

4. REASON – now reason it out. Think it through. Are these your justifications valid? Read through what you’ve written down. Is it really worth it suspending this important task for this distraction that wants to paralyze you right now? Recall your motivation – your WHY. If you win ward as an author, you will become well known, recognized, and respected. You can become that latest sensation or gist on Twitter that is about to distract you right now. You can now afford to go on that cruise that you want to daydream about now. But these will only remain a distraction if you don’t win that award – and the only way to win that award is by finishing this book, chapter by chapter. And then you can relax and surf your phone a few hours later, or daydream after your task, or watch your favourite movie, and then come on here and give us your victory story to wrap up your successful day!

  1. RESPOND – you have now overcome Decision Paralysis, become refueled by your motivation and you firmly believe that your goal of becoming an accomplished author is valid and deserving and achievable. Now give yourself a standing instruction to choose living your dream life in your reality over living it in your head or imaginations. Instruct yourself (by speaking out loudly and sternly) to resume writing your Chapters 1-3 as planned.


Next, employ the 5 minutes method to ease back into your task. This means, set a 5-minute alarm on your phone or clock and will yourself to work with absolute focus for the next 5mins. When the timer goes off, congratulate yourself for your disciplined focus (out loud! Say “Congrats Ella for achieving 5 minutes absolute focus! You’re a damn badass!), then restart the alarm for another 5 minutes. Hearing the timer go off and on reminds you of the seriousness of what you’re doing and keeps completing it urgent in your mind.

So you either complete it this way or you get so involved that you no longer need the reminder to keep you focused, you may now turn it off!

  1. REVISE – this is only to check if your plan needs an adjustment. Do you want to go ahead and write Chapter 4 as well? Did you remember another equally relevant task that might be more urgent and you have to reshuffle or adjust your plan? Do you think you’ve mastered 5mins focus and now want to increase your timer to 10mins instead of 5? Did your task guide miss a step and you need rearrangement? You have the liberty to make adjustments or revise, and then continue.


So in summary, using PURRRR  to overcome procrastination and ensure productivity per day is as follows:

Stop – Resist – Think about what’s happening – Think it through – Instruct yourself through the process – Make adjustments if necessary.

And you’re a winner! I’m so funkin proud of you!

SIDE NOTE: – Can you summarize the PURRRR system for ease of employment during your procrastination temptation?

                      – Do you find the 5-minutes method a pro-win method?

                      – Is the self-regulation training something your totally down for and can’t wait to employ?


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