Procrastination by dictionary is a very short definition (merriam-Webster).

        – To put off intentionally & habitually.

        – To put off intentionally, the doing of something that should be done.

Willian knavs, defines procrastination as the act of making something into more than it is, until it expands into more than it needs to be.

         Now you get the picture. You keep putting off & postponing doing that very important activity until suddenly, it’s too much – either the dishes pile up, or the clutter in your wardrobe & room become too much to declutter seamlessly, or you are finally at rush hour to read for your exam, or you miss the deadline to submit your project or assignment, or your car finally breaks down because you’ve been putting off servicing it. There are endless consequences of our daily procrastination habits which run from losing academic marks to losing money. Procrastination!

  • SIDE NOTE: Give of a time procrastinating an activity has cost you something dear.


Points to Note:

  • Procrastination is intentional. You know when you do it. You know when you start pressing your phone instead of concentrating on writing your proposal. It is intentional because it rings in your mind that this is not what you should be doing – this other thing is what you should be doing, but you end up not doing it anyway.


  • Procrastination is mostly habitual, that is why you can’t seem to stop it. You can’t seem to muster enough will-power to focus on what’s important. Because what’s important seem like too much work to the brain.


  • It is always the important task that you procrastinate, that you put off for later – say ‘later when I’ve rested’, ‘tomorrow will be better than today’. – Then you do the less important things that seem easier to do.


  • Those are the 3 points you must have in mind to keep your procrastination in your conscious mind.


SIDE NOTE: Can you relate with these points to note? In what situations have you come across them?

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