Welcome to my 30-Day Accountability Course!

You have just started to undertake a wild transformation to step on to your goals!

My name is Emmanuella Eke, a Productivity Enthusiast and your Accountability Coach😎.

Discussed in this video is everything you should expect from this course:

-What you will get and what is expected of you.

-How to set your goals and ensure they are achievable.

-How to set your weekly goals off of your long-term set goal.

-How to prepare your Daily plan and Daily Activity Log.

-Your Challenge Score, Remarks and Certificate of Achievement for those who join our Accountability Network.

You should have received your Goal-setting Guide, Daily Plan and Activity Log Book via email. Kindly check your “Promotions” in your Gmail app for a mail from Emmanuella. Also check your spam as last resort. 

Join our Facebook group via this link: and drop all your feedback and responses throughout the course right there. Catch you there👍

Watch Next Video: Course Outline.

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