Procrastination Triggers: Not Understanding Your Motivation.

You remember my equation WISH + PLAN = EXECUTION + INSPIRATION = SUCCESS? When you start executing your plan but your motivation is still unclear to you, you won’t be able to draw the inspiration to remain consistent. You’d start to respond to your moods.

Good mood today = work on your goals,

Bad mood = no show.

And that’s bad for success. You keep suffering the fallback pattern of procrastination.

Reflect deeply. What is your drive? Why do you really want to achieve this goal of yours?

Why? Why? Why?

Understanding your WHY is everything you need to show up daily despite your mood. And remember, your why is tied to your Future Self too; so it is your why that bridges the gap between your present and your future self, so that your present self is motivated strongly to stay in virtue and anticipate your future self.

Understanding your WHY completely changes your life as it fuels your purpose in life.


SIDE NOTE: Write down all your WHYs as regards the life you want to live in your future.


So you want to make money, – write down all the reasons why you want a future full of money. Don’t just write “To live a better life”. Write down all that is entailed in that better life. Write all the things you can access with that money that you will have, things that really matter to you. Also write any terrible experiences you or anyone you care about, was forced to go through due to lack of money for better options. WRITE! These things are what you recall that make you show up and work on your dreams.

Money in itself is not a value. It’s WHAT you do with it that is the value.


SIDE NOTE: – Have you discovered your WHY?

                         – Is your goal too impersonal to you? Will you apply the recommended steps to change this?

                          – Have you discovered a deep connection between your present self and your future self?


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