Procrastination Patterns - Mild-Impact Procrastination.

In this pattern, you put off important but lower priority actions because they have flexible deadlines, until crisis results. 

Low priority actions include: decluttering, servicing your car or generator, doing the dishes, general cleanup, doing groceries, etc.

See how they appear small and or really easy to overlook – you don’t plan for them. You keep saying ‘later in the day’, or ‘tomorrow’, until your car parks  you on the road, or dirty dishes fill up the entire kitchen, or the clutter gets so much you become restless and irritable. Then you end up forcing them into an unplanned schedule, do them under a lot of stress with high energy exertion and collapse later on with little or no energy, physical or mental, to do anything else. 

SIDE NOTE:   – Are you in this category?

                        – Which tasks mostly?

Solution = make cross–off sheets and list routine activities, giving each a due date (deadline).

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