Logging It.

If you didn’t log it, it didn’t happen.

If you didn’t log it, you didn’t do it. No log, no action.

If I don’t receive your logs, you didn’t do anything, and it will affect your challenge score.

The logs required are:

1. Daily log: Records the day’s tasks, achievements and failures. To be submitted at the end of each day.

2. Daily plan: Lists the tasks for the next day. To be submitted at night against the next day.

You can find these guides in your email. Download them if you have not.

How to you feel about getting into the challenge right now? 

Your Knowledge course has officially come to an end. It is time to start your challenge. I encourage you to to start alone and build on your willpower while you sit pretty on our waiting list. As soon our doors open for the next batch, you will be notified to sign up. 

I’m rooting for you as always!

Drop your feedback or responses on our group: http://bit.ly/facebookgroup-awe

You review of this course is greatly desired and appreciated. 

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