Procrastination Trigger: Lack of Proper Planning.

If you haven’t set your goals at this time, you’re already failing this challenge. When you have declared your long-term goals and have made the decision to focus and commit (which I believe you have made by now), the next question is “What are you focusing on exactly?”

Focusing on “Start a clothing business” is ambiguous and already a recipe to fail and fall back to square one. You have to create a plan. Your plan is what you do daily to achieve that goal. Recall the burger and apples story and how obesity arrived? So it’s very possible to have a good intention but bad daily habits sabotage it all.

To plan properly, break down your goal into daily steps and weekly achievements – which you will achieve by participating actively in this challenge.

Another angle to this is over-analysis or over-reaching standards (more like over-planning). This is what is termed PERFECTIONISM.

SIDE NOTE:   – Are you able to break your goal down into smaller bits of daily action steps, weekly and monthly achievements?

                         – Do you feel you have no idea where to start from or how to go about your big goal? Are you willing to plan optimally?

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