Procrastination Solution: Just Do It, Or Else!

This is the last Procrastination Solution and it mimics an order from a superior to force you to submit an assignment by deadline, or receive a direct consequence which they will enforce on you. But this can also be an order from an accountability partner – like I am to you and we all are to one another.

Here, ‘Just Do It Or Else’ empowers you to relate a consequence of performing or not performing your task to your Accountability Team.

Here you learn a number of tricks to enable you reconfigure your brain into releasing instant gratification of feel-good Dopamine.

So when you’re dragging and about to procrastinate on an important activity that you have mapped out in a plan (that you submitted to me) – quickly think about me and imagine how disappointed I would be in you; that I would scold you or be unhappy with you.

Tune your brain by visualization, to see my praises to you as a substantial reward for your victory. Visualize the comments in our network group,  praising you for your good deeds as a great reward so that within the days of this challenge, your brain will look always forward and anticipate those comments and praises and you’re less likely to procrastinate.

Feel proud, very proud, after each day of accomplishment. Some of you don’t know how to feel proud of yourself, because you’re being pressured to be humble.

No! You must fill yourself with pride at whatever you accomplished for the day, no matter how little.

Look in your mirror and dance. This feeling of pride releases the dopamine neurotransmitter (known as the feel good hormone) in your body which transmits to your brain, euphoric feelings, to make your brain desire more of such high feelings  which then pushes it to look forward to your tasks or productivity sessions.

Your brain starts to enjoy doing your daily tasks because it’s no longer about the stress, rather, that accomplishing them makes it receive the good feelings. It’s all about feeling good baby!

Unfortunately, if you do not belong to an accountability group like ours, you will be unable to fully enjoy this solution.

More details in the video.

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