Procrastination Solutions: FIRST - THINGS - FIRST.

You’d always hear One simple solution: DO IT NOW!

But… is it really simple? If it were, you wouldn’t be here.

However, now you’re here, with Commit and focus. It is doable!

NOTE:            – You are not lazy, or careless, or stupid.

                        – You just fear and misdirect energy.

                        – And you’re here to overcome your fear and invest your energy in things that matter.

                        – So quit blaming yourself for your past mistakes and time wasted. Forgive yourself and start on a clean slate.

                        – You’re in for the challenge of a lifetime.

                        – You can finish the next 3 weeks the same, or changed for life! It all depends on how seriously you take this challenge.

                        – Research has proven that whatever you do consistently for a consecutive 21 days becomes a habit. So miss no days!

So how important is being in total control of your life to you? Don’t say it. Show it!


Whenever you’re doing something, ask yourself, “Is there something more important than what I’m doing now?” Per day, learn to do the more important things first before less irrelevant things. So make a list of important tasks for the day, then, arrange them in order of priority, placing the most important ones at the top.

For e.g.:

1. Finish editing report for director to hand in tomorrow. (Most important task)

2. Draw up a list of required supplies for the store for next week and submit.

3. Write blog post for my website.

4. Research topic pool for next week blog post.

Make this list the night before and attach time for each activity. This will keep you in check to make them urgent and also help your short-term gratification because your brain is expecting a 30 mins rest at the end of 2 hrs of work; so – “Let’s get this work done so that I can rest or grab a snack!”

          NOTE: Do NOT trust your memory – you will forget. WRITE this list.

NOTE: The mental laziness to write the list the night before is already the start of procrastination. So at that point of inertia or reluctance, will yourself to remember your motivation – WHY you need to accomplish these tasks the next day and the reward for doing that. This will quickly loosen the mental drag, grab a pen and write.


SIDE NOTE: – What did you take away from this?

                        – Are you willing to employ this solution to starting off your day with the most relevant tasks

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