Procrastination Trigger: Behavioural Procrastination.

Here, there is a wish and a plan, but you don’t follow through. Execution is the stop-point; no inspiration. And this affects a whole lot of procrastinators. I represent it like this:

Wish + Plan Execution.

Wish + Plan + Inspiration = Execution.


Where Wish = Desire + Intention.


Many times you have written out your plan, you have a finely set goal, but you wake up every day, stare at it and say “I will start soon”. But soon never comes.


You may also be experiencing the Fall Back Pattern where you start but you don’t continue, or you don’t finish.


i.e:      Start – Stop – Start – Stop; which is equivalent to: Action – Procrastinate – Action – Procrastinate.

Wish + Plan = Execution + Consistency = Success.


The essence of being here is to help you start, and to help you be consistent if you have started, till you get desired results.


SIDE NOTE: How do you obtain inspiration?

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