Procrastination Triggers: Lack of Self-worth and belief.

Your beliefs, how you feel about yourself, truly determines your fate in life. It steers your ship to any direction you want it.

If you think very low of yourself, you will remain in pits. – Even when a savior comes and gives you a lift, if you don’t stop thinking low of yourself, it’s only a matter of time and you will fall back into the pit. That’s why the sayings “You are what you believe”, and “No one can help you but yourself”, exist.

It doesn’t mean people can’t help you, ‘cos I’m here to help you and we’re all here to help each other. It means you really need to want the help, to desire it. And be ready to commit to accepting it wholeheartedly and changing your inner beliefs for the better.


SIDE NOTE:         – What are your deep-rooted beliefs about yourself?

                              – What are your deep-rooted beliefs about success and money?

                              – Do you believe you can be great?

                              – These goals you penned down, do you really believe you can achieve them?

                               – Do you think your goal is too big for you?

                               – Do you think you are not up to ‘standard’ to achieve your goal?

                               – Do you feel you are not enough?

                              – Do you consider yourself worthy of greatness, of being known, praised and celebrated?

                              – Do you consider yourself deserving of love? – Beautiful, unadulterated love?

                              – Are these beliefs affected by religion or culture or are they things you really want for yourself?

                              – If you have any negative beliefs from the above, are you willing to change them despite them being rooted in religion or culture? Are you willing to accost them, deny them, and start to reshape your mindset?

Since you’re here already, I believe you’re willing. I hope I’m right. If you feel your fears are too deep-rooted for you to get over, you can reach out to me for a private session.


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