PACKAGING and LIVING A FAKE LIFE: Where is the Line? |SSWPodcast E18

PACKAGING and LIVING A FAKE LIFE: Where is the Line? |SSWPodcast E18

You often find people everyday living lives that are not theirs and they tell you they’re packaging right? So Packaging and living a fake life, how do you draw the line? Some people genuinely don’t understand how to draw the line, they don’t understand when you’re actually packaging and when you’re actually living a fake life. So if you fall into the group where you’re not exactly sure how to package yourself without appearing fake, then you definitely should watch this video or listen to this podcast or read this blog post, to get clarified.

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And I think that the kind of events we watched recently at Oba; the Obi Cubana mama’s burial, is an example of such an event that can evoke certain feelings in people. And that is even on a higher level, regular videos where you see people lavishing money in , spraying money on women, going luxury shopping, these kind of events can evoke certain longing us to want more, to want to achieve more; and for some people they could actually get desperate to get to that level there falling into the temptation of living a fake life.

As a side note, please do not be oppressed by the Cubana event because these people are billionaires. Rather, enjoy your process and gradually you will also get elevated. Don’t be desperate to make money to move up the ladder and at the same time, don’t be quick to call rich people’s money illegal. Thank God they’re not politicians though!

Now you hear people say “Fake it till you make it.” What do you make of this statement? Some will tell you it doesn’t mean being fake, it just means packaging yourself. And I ask: but you just used the word ‘fake’? ‘Fake it till you make it’, – Faking and packaging should not come in the same sentence because they really don’t mean the same thing and I will tell you why.

Something happened on Facebook 2 weeks ago, where a writer that I follow made a post; and he is not even the first person to have gone through this situation, several Facebook writers face this problem. And the person that he was reporting is also not the first to have perpetrated such action, we see such things a lot on Facebook.

This is a situation where someone else is copying your work and this goes further than plagiarism. When you copy an original work and you don’t credit its creator, then you are committing plagiarism. But in this case, this person not only commits plagiarism but takes it in notch higher. This someone copies your work daily, regularly, presenting it to their audience as if it’s their own. That **** is creepy mehn! You put out stories daily based on your personal experiences, using the personal pronoun I I am I did this I experienced this I give this person that I witnessed this and someone is there copying your story verbatim and posting to their audience as if it is their story when you come across such situation you will get shivers all over your body because someone is actually out there living your life.

I legit think this is a psychological demented situation mental problem. The audience is reacting to the stories saying things like “Oh yes I can relate”, “You did so well”, “I like how you reacted”, “Teach me plz I need to learn from you”, and they never tell these people “The story is not mine. I copied it”. They even copy your anniversary stories and use them to celebrate their own anniversary. It’s a new level of crazy.

So I dropped a comment on the post. I said, “Some people don’t know who they are anymore because they are so lost trying to be others”. This comment garnered a lot of reactions and so I really want to talk about it today. What do you think makes people want to live your life step by step? As in, they’re living you in their head. Don’t you think this is a psychological problem? I think they are sick and should seek help. Really.

Now let’s talk about this packaging and faking of lifestyle thing.

For me, I think that packaging means presenting yourself, presenting what you do, in a better light; going the extra mile, taking the extra steps, more like putting the “extra” in your “ordinary”, and so you appear Extra-Ordinary. You know, dressing up better and cleaner, polishing your business and portfolio, polishing yourself going out there making better presentations and connections.

You know when they say “Don’t wash your dirty linens outside”, it doesn’t mean you don’t have dirty linens, it means keep them indoors and present the cleaner ones out there. That is the summary of packaging.

Therefore presenting your better self, keeping the bad parts locked up, showing off the better part of you, the better parts of your portfolio showing off all the the places you’re doing good in your business and shielding the not so good parts until they are much better to be presented to the public as well… Now you are packaging.

And when you package yourself properly, you attract better connections, you attract money, you attract growth in your career and and you attract positivity towards achieving your goals. You gain the encouragement to go the extra mile, to work on yourself to be much better than you are at the moment, to make your business grow so as to have more positive sides to show off to the public.

Now when it comes to faking, when you hear the statement “Fake it till you make it”, living a fake life simply means being who you are not, leading a lifestyle that does not belong to you, living like someone else.

When you meet someone that you admire, go ahead and admire the person; let the person be an inspiration to you to get better at what you do, but not to abandon what you do and start trying to do what the person is doing just because you are admire the person so much to the point that you now want to become that person.

Hence understanding the difference between these two Concepts, these two terminologies, is important so that you don’t tell yourself that you’re just packaging without knowing that you have crossed the line and have started actually living a fake life.

So when you come on the Gram and you’re posting cars that don’t belong to you, you’re posting designer clothes that you borrowed, and you claim that these things are yours… you’re posting a shoe that you borrowed from someone and you’re saying “Oh I bought this when I went to America;” that’s living a fake life.

Some people say that it’s okay to live a fake life because motivational speakers tell you to act like what you want has already arrived and it will arrive. This is a case of great misunderstanding of packaging and living a fake life, because what the speakers are saying is different from what you’re doing.

Acting like it has already arrived means believing it envisioning it, visualizing it; throwing out your request to the universe and letting it be. Then you start to attract energies that vibe at your frequency, you start to attract the things you really want, the things you really desire start coming to you as you work to make them appear physically.

Like I said earlier, Packaging encourages you to work to be better, to work to become that person who deserves the request that you have put out to the Universe, to God. Faking your life on the other hand, makes you believe that you already have everything you wanted here physically, and then hustling to prove to the public that yes, you have them already.

When you’re living a fake life, you don’t get the inspiration to actually work towards achieving the things you want. Instead, you are going to always be thinking “Where will I collect the next item that I need from?”

“Where will I collect the next car that I want to snap with and pose with?”

“Where will I borrow the next designer dress that I want to show off to prove that I can afford designers?” 

‘Where will I this, where we I that?’ That’s what living fake life makes you do. You may even steal items you want too.

So you realize that Packaging and Faking give you two different kinds of mindsets. You should be able to identify the one that you’re doing when you’re aware of these mindsets.

And I’m of the strong opinion that anyone who’s being fake knows deep down that they are being fake, so when you try to justify your fakeness with ‘packaging’, I just need you to know that it doesn’t fly.

So I hope you learn today to make good choices develop yourself, be better at being you rather than struggling to be the next person. Start packaging and not living a fake life. Thank you so much for listening and hanging with me today.

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