Love, Sex and Monarchy.

Episode One.


Abida adjusted her emerald gown and looked in the mirror one last time. She twisted left to admire her back side. Her Nini always said she looked irresistible in glossy green. Irresistible. The word hung in the air around her. Why did she have to still be irresistible to him? He wasn’t hers for keeps. And neither was she his. But the grace of royalty favoured them; it was the best deal they could get. It should be enough for everyone. She flung her waves in place and stepped out to the Common Room where she was told the entourage was waiting.

“Pray tell what this surprise is for, Your Majesty,” she slurred with a mischievous, sarcastic smile.

“You didn’t inform me of your visit hence your Quarters was not prepared,” Abida sang as she waltzed into the Common Room, her gown sweeping the sparkling floors.

“My love, I would have but you haven’t taken my calls in weeks,” King Anini rose to meet her half way across the hall, putting forward his arms for a desperate hug.

Settling in his arms, she said loudly, counting her words, “I ascend the throne of Amanida Kingdom in less than a month, to take up the greatest responsibility my ancestors have handed to me. Surely you would know my head isn’t in a calm place, Your Majesty.”

“Bida, baby, I understand perfectly, as you know of course,” he gave her a knowing smile. “That is why I made it all the way here. Would you really not see me before the hugest event of your life?”

Abida returned a sad smile. Of course he understood perfectly. Six years ago he ascended a throne himself, after his father gave up the ghost, to become known as King Anini the Great II of Amanukwu Kingdom, Sahelia. In the weeks leading to this, Abida had felt broken, lost and hopeless. It was the first time she’d truly hated being the future ruler of her nation. Nothing else mattered than having the freedom to marry the love of your life, without the entire wrath that culture and tradition threatened.

Their love was one known to the entire five Kingdoms of Sahelia. It wasn’t everyday that the heirs to different thrones fell in love and were inseparable, to the extent of having an heirlon.

Although Abida chose to be present at Anini’s coronation, it wasn’t much of a choice because her absence would signify a Non-Attach, which would mean the end, and hence, criminalization of their relationship and the heirlon would be deemed null and void. Abida couldn’t imagine life without her Nini so she sat it out, struggling not to shed a tear while watching Anini get crowned taking another woman as his legal wife.

“You wore green on purpose Bi,” Anini murmured softly to her ears. It was all she needed to snap out of the sad memories. She rubbed her cheek against his stubble and drew a deep breath before stepping out of embrace.

“Is the Visiting Daddy’s chambers ready now?” she asked the maids who were standing awkwardly as if they had been waiting a while to pass some information, yet unsure if they were allowed to witness such personal scene.

“Yes Your Highness. It… We have put it in the best order.”

“Show Mssr. Alexandre and others to their rooms,” she pointed her chin towards the King’s SSS.

Abida led King Anini to his Quarters. It was his first time in her Palace quarters since Abida had now left her old residence to live fully in the palace ahead of her coronation.

“It’s beautiful,” Anini commended in admiration.

“Wait till you see your room.”

“Nope. It’s you I can’t wait to see.” He rubbed her hands and she felt hot all over.

Once in the room he pinned her against the shut door. “I’ve missed you so much my Queen.”

“I’ve missed you too, madly, my King.”

He kissed her with a rush, crushing her lips and she returned the kiss with even more fervor. “Bida, oh Bida my baby.” He thrust his tongue deeper into her welcoming mouth, desperate to taste her after so long. He could have been shocked at this raw hunger for Abida, but… this is Bida. Not surprised.

It was so hot in here despite the 2 Horse Power air conditioners at corners in the massive room. He ran his hands over her bare back, her neck, her breasts, tweaking her nipples as she groaned into his mouth, struggling to take off his regalia. “Nini,” she gasped in between breaths. “I can never get used to these hefty costumes of yours.”

He chuckled. “Wait till you’re costumed after you’re Queen.”



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