5 Reasons Why You Should Like Money

Hey TEBian, I hope you’ve had a blissful day. I’m teasing you today with a wild declaration: “I like money!” There…you have it. And also give you 5 solid reasons why you should like money too. Well, it is not new to those who know me already; friends and family. Recently, my girlfriend tagged me to one post that read: “Tag a friend who would become a billionaire by 30”…or something like that. Wawu! I literally grew saucer eyes when I read the notification. Hey gawd! See this private jet one posh damsel in hot shades was stepping out from in

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Welcome Post

Hi Visitor😊, You’re reading my blog. Yay! It’s my first post yet so it’s specially dedicated to saying welcome to you, and I pray you become a TEBian today. Did I hear Amen? Yes. Ok. I was saying, the spirit of the Lord has led you to my ministry and you must not leave “empty-smiled”. This is the only ministry you will ever attend where the amount for sowing seed is Zero Naira, Zero Dollar. Doubt me? Ask your pastor. So while you leave the minister “empty-moneyed”, thou must not leave her“empty-TEBianed”. Mba nu. Move this ministry forward and subscribe

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