How To Stop Comparing Yourself With Others|Bitchup Ep 3

Do you often find yourself comparing your life to that of others, even when you don’t mean to do so? You just find yourself being drawn to do that. It can sometimes be a subconscious act that you don’t mean to do, or you simply consciously indulge in it out of feeling of helplessness and insecurities.

In this episode, we explore the reasons you compare yourself to others, the dangers of this self-deprecating habit and how you can get rid of the compulsion to compare.

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These Words Downplay Women’s Voices & Challenges |Bitchup Ep2

Several studies have shown that men present with difficulties in paying attention to a woman speaking.  Several words and phrases are also often used to drown or downplay women’s voice and challenges. In this episode, I will take you through these reasons and some of these words…

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Should Body Count Be Considered in Choosing a Partner? -How To Answer the Body Count Question.

How real is this body count of a matter in relationships?
Baby girl, don’t stoop low to answer those body count interrogations please. Have some dignity. If you were not raped, then at least you enjoyed your sessions. Except you’re a commercial sex worker who is not proud of her profession, plz pick up some sarcastic lines to answer such interrogations.
Try answering it like me…

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Corona Isolation; How’s You Doing?

Have you done the Bob Daddy challenge? Or the married women challenge? Or any other one at that? Or did you jump on the G’string thread? Are you in on the Funky Akindele drama? Or are you one of those arrested for playing football on the streets?

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Double-Dating? How To Sneak Around On Valentine’s Day.

So for today; you’re in a relationship you’re not committed to, and therefore double-dating. Now it’s Valentine’s Day and your attention is needed both ways… Gengen!!! What do you do? How do you sneak around more than one lover on Valentine’s Day? Here I’m offering you four (4) ways you can do that for free. Yeah thank me later✌.

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Why You Shouldn’t Forget That The Little Things Matter Most.

What makes you happy the most when you think about boo or bae? Now this might give you a fuzzy brain for a moment, but cast your mind on them for a while and meditate a bit. Yes you just smiled right now! So what did you see that made you smile? Check out, they are the really little things but matter most.

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Relationship: How Communication Can Get You a Happier Valentine.

The greatest drawbacks to proper communication in relationship are Pride, Distrust and Fear. Which of these is causing you to doubt that your partner will come through for you on Valentine’s Day? And which is holding you back from coming through for them? Why not kill fear, pride and distrust; and talk to your partner like you would speak to yourself in the mirror. See how these stop you from getting the best out of your relationship.

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The Smell of Love is Courage.

Now you can breathe, you can laugh. You can even dance in the rain and jokes have become funny. Yes you have found love again! And it doesn’t matter how many times you have found it and lost it in the past, because the smell of love is courage. Hence only the brave ones can truly love.

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