How your Small Business is Losing Money without your Knowledge.

Your small business may be making you daily money but the same business is losing money daily. The worst part? — You don’t even realize it until it starts getting obvious you’re literally at the same income level even though you’re making more sales than ever before. How does this come about? How is your business losing money daily that you’re not aware of? Hello business owner, how market? I salute you because what you’re doing is not easy, especially if you’re a small business owner in Nigeria. I’m glad you’re finding your feet, you’re doing well, your market is

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Married But Lonely: Advise Her. |SSWPodcast E19

So I made a comment on a post about a woman who was married but lonely, in a private group which I wouldn’t mention because the group is private, and this comment garnered over 100 likes within a 12-hour window. 100+ likes, I think the last I just checked, it was already over 120 and it really touched me because I’ve always had this in mind, I always knew this was a situation but I didn’t realize that some people were just waiting for someone to see it say so that they could agree, they could say yeah, so someone

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PACKAGING and LIVING A FAKE LIFE: Where is the Line? |SSWPodcast E18

You often find people everyday living lives that are not theirs and they tell you they’re packaging right? So Packaging and living a fake life, how do you draw the line? Some people genuinely don’t understand how to draw the line, they don’t understand when you’re actually packaging and when you’re actually living a fake life. So if you fall into the group where you’re not exactly sure how to package yourself without appearing fake, then you definitely should watch this video or listen to this podcast or read this blog post, to get clarified.

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Is Polygamy the Solution to Cheating Disasters in Marriage |SSWPodcast E17

Do you think Polygamy is the solution to cheating disasters in marriage? Several men clamoured for polygamy when the news of a side chic Chidimma murdering her billionaire benefactor broke the internet. Will polygamy reduce the occurrences of the side chic – Sugar Daddy trends like that of Chidimma and the billionaire disaster?

Me I think cheating spouses will keep cheating even with 300 wives and 700 concubines. I also hope polygamy clamourers are ready to be one of the husbands of one woman. Don’t you think women would like the flavour too? Very interesting.

See my exchange with a Facebook commenter on this side chic and sugar daddy

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Would You Like To Be Richer Than Your Husband? |SSWPodcast E16

Can you count how many times you’ve come across such social posts asking “Would you like to be richer than your husband?” We’re currently in an era where every gender is chasing the paper. So how do you feel when you see such questions being posed to women? What’s your take?

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How Do You Say Happy Father’s Day? |SSWPodcast E15

So it’s been Father’s Day for a while now and this must be the hottest Father’s Day on the internet. Like everywhere is bursting gbas gbos. What is happening Nigerians? Wawuu. Everybody seems to have their own version of how father’s day should be celebrated. On this episode, we discuss the controversies surrounding Father’s Day celebration. Once again you’re welcome to my podcast. It’s still me Emmanuella and this is the Sister Say What? Podcast. Like say what? Like what are you saying?😂 I’m glad to have you on here.

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Would you Kiss and Tell? | SSWPodcast E14

Would you kiss and tell? Have you kissed and told before? Have you been told on? Watching the #bbnaijareunion. What did you think about the BBNaija Reunion actions & reactions? Were you comfortable with the fights? Would you have acted differently?

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Money in Disguise: Women Buy Things & Claim a Man Bought it | SSWPodcast E13.

Why do some women disguise their money? There’s a cover up lie women tell that bother me a lot and that is this; why do women buy things and claim a man bought it? Why?

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Women Don’t Like to Spend Their Money? |SSWPodcast EP12

If I got a $$ every time I heard that women don’t like to spend their own money😂! Is it true or false? What do you think? When women work and earn money, where do their money go? Do women like to spend their money? Or do women prefer to spend their man’s money? And why so anyway? This isn’t about vanity, it’s about reality. Budgeting and all that follows women’s money. So on this episode of Sister Say What? Podcast, we’ll compare the list of needs of men and women? Do you see the result?😁 Let’s know if you’ll leave this episode thinking the same way!

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