Is Polygamy the Solution to Cheating Disasters in Marriage |SSWPodcast E17

Is Polygamy the Solution to Cheating Disasters in Marriage |SSWPodcast E17

Several men clamoured for polygamy when the news of a side chic Chidimma murdering her billionaire benefactor broke the internet. Will polygamy reduce the occurrences of the side chic – Sugar Daddy trends like that of Chidimma and the billionaire disaster?

Watch video to see me doing the side chic dance💃💃💃 because today is about side chics and billionaires. So the side chic is dancing and the billionaire’s spraying the money and I’m hoping that I’m going to send this video to the side chick Association of Nigeria S.C.A.N and so they could replicate my steps for the sugar daddies, you know…😂🤣

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You may have heard about the tragic incident that happened recently, where a billionaire ended up murdered by his side chic. Sugar girl kills the sugar daddy; you know the daddy with the sauce.

It was such a tragic incident and I learnt that there were several wounds tabs and there were also drugs and alcohol which is a terrible combination. We need to keep hammering this: stay away from drugs and stay away from excessive alcohol use, because a little struggle could quickly escalate into an aggravated situation which could lead to wound stabs and tragic deaths.

When it was trending, I noticed something, which is typical anyway. You see men, they hardly call out evil. I don’t know what is wrong with that gender. They hardly call out evil even when he’s staring them in the face, especially when it involves a member of their gender. It’s almost like a coven, like they belong to a cult where they must defend any male no matter what his crime could be.

In contrast, women are very quick to call out evil even when it is being perpetrated by a fellow woman. You see them going the extra mile and even overreact or exaggerate the situation to the extent of becoming judgemental; for instance if a young girl wear to dress indecently, chances are it is women who would first call her out, sneer at her, drag her, assault her. And this is for something as harmless as indecent dressing! Imagine if she were an escort.

But for men to even admit that the cheating on the part of the billionaire was wrong, it would take probably another lifetime to come. Instead they went ahead saying “Polygamy should be brought back. If polygamy was legal, nobody would be killing nobody for cheating, blah blah blah. Really!?

Are you kidding me right now? So Polygamy is the answer now? Well, we’ll get to that, but I just want to say, you see this money-giving gender? They too like to cover evil. Ah! These people are a cult! Men!

Then I also came across posts where some men were screaming “Where are the Feminists? You people won’t come out now and say this thing is wrong. “If it were a woman that was murdered now, or abused or raped, you guys will be everywhere screaming violence against women, freedom for women, blah blah blah”.

And I’m just there thinking people are funny! There are things you should never say! Snow you have an injury to you and instead of fighting it, you’re cussing at those who were fighting for their own injury to come and fight for you. I don’t get it. Are your hands broken? Did anybody tie your mouth so that you can’t speak out against evil done to you?

This counter-accusation system is a very bad system. It’s just like when you make a post about the evils men do and then men come on the post to point out “What of the ones women do?” Or when you make a post about the evils women do and you see women on the thread howling *What of the ones men do?” I mean this post is about this particular topic; it’s either you stick to it or you go to your own page and make a post about what the other people do, not coming to counter a very valid point just because it hit a nerve.

So because we come out to fight against injury done to us, therefore when injury is done to you we should also come out and fight for you? As in we have excess energy or what? Why don’t you fight for yourselves?

This is really low and men do this a lot. Anytime a woman show them pepper, let’s say if there’s a news now that a woman raped a man, or a group of women raped a man because it’s really difficult for one woman to rape a man; you would see men come out in their numbers and instead of fighting for the justice of the man that was raped, they will start fighting the feminists and start screaming “You see, it’s not only women that get raped. Men also get raped”.

I’m like what’s this? “Did we ever say that men don’t get raped? Asides the fact that the statistics are no where close, we’re already fighting something that is bigger than us and then you want us to carry your own burden too? I mean… we all came to this world same way. Find your own passion. If my passion is fighting for women, I can’t because of the pressure you’re giving me start fighting for men too. Only one person cannot change the world, but if each and every one of us is doing something about it, then collectively we can change the world through our various inputs no matter how small.

Back to our chidinma-billionaire issue. Many men kept saying “Polygamy should be brought back” So I’m asking you here, “Is polygamy the answer?” And if polygamy is the answer, what kind of polygamy? Because you may be thinking that polygamy simply means one man marrying more than one wife but that’s actually not all it means.

Polygamy is an umbrella word that means one person marry more than one spouse; so it could be one woman to more than one man which is termed Polyandry, and it could be one man to more than one woman which is termed Polygyny. So which one are you clamouring for?

That’s why when they were saying polygamy is the answer I was just laughing, really. Be careful what you wish for because polygamy could be your answer, but I hope you are ready to be one of the Husbands of one woman. I mean do you know how many women that would be super excited to have more husbands?

Then again I don’t think polygamy is the answer because men would just keep cheating, you get the second wife you keep cheating, and you get the third wife you keep cheating. You just keep cheating. A cheating man will just keep cheating no matter how many wives he’s able to get.

Brings me to something else that I would like to talk about. When this issue was trending, I made a post on my Facebook wall, a funny post, just typical humorous post that was said to come from the Side Chics Association of Nigeria, like a memo which said “We reject chidinma as our member, we would never hurt our benefactors, our sugar daddies are special to us”, you know that kind of funny post.

And then someone replied me and I want to read it out exactly as he said it. He said:

“The information is welcome. We men understand the ugly incident and it won’t stop us from continuing our long existing mutual relationship with you side chics. You side chics have saved us from sex starvation from our working-class women, nagging women, I’m-not-in-the-mood-now women. We appreciate your value in saving our marriages. We shall continue our game come What May”.

This was someone commented on my post, a man obviously. I thought it was funny oo, so in the Spirit of being funny I said to him:

“Pay your wife like you pay your side chic. She will be in the mood and she will stop nagging.”

Brethren where did I go wrong?🤷

He replied me:

“You mean a wife I paid her dowry? You mean legal wife or illegal wife? I just want to know the type of wife, whether I’m supposed to pay for sex or not. Is it a wife that will inherit all I have for life including my kids, or is it a kick-and-go wife? Abeg clarify me biko.

I was like, wawu! So this dowry thing is this serious. So men actually see this dowry thing as actual ownership?

It hurt me because this man truly thinks it’s okay to spend money outside for sex but not in your own home, on your own wife. So your wife will receive her own goodness from heaven abi? Most of these men don’t take care of their wives but can give side chics all their money.

I replied him: “So the dowry you paid did your wife collect it?”

I always tell people, if you think dowry ‘buys’ me as your property, then give me the money. You can’t mistreat me because you paid a bunch of men some money. Who’s your property? You’re a joker.

I continued with him:” You gave a bunch of men some money and that’s it? But you give your side chic money on a steady and then somehow you expect your wife to give you all the excitement your side chic gives you?”

Can you imagine the flawed logic?

“Why not give your side chic’s family some money too, like dowry of course, to make her wife. You’ll see the excitement will stop and you’ll start looking for another side chic.”

So if you don’t water what you have, you will always be looking for something else outside, hence stop blaming your wife or validating your moves with “I paid dowry”.

And this is why I insist that Polygamy is not the solution. The moment you have married her, you’ll start looking for the next exciting adventure because you’re not ready to water your wife or wives. It’s all in the mind of the cheating husband.

He hasn’t replied me since then though, so that pretty much sums it up. It’s all about excitement not about liberty to marry more wives.

But if y’all want polygamy, I’m up for it o, ah. so you think I don’t want more men? That’s gonna be so exciting. Imagine moving from this one’s house to this one’s house, like legit. Then your kids will have three daddies, four daddies, all taking care of them. There’s no dragging if it’s my son or not, the baby is a communal one. We all have them together. Hmmm, that’s gonna be so fun. Hmm, what do you think? Make sense?

Thank you so much for hanging with me today.

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