How Often Do You Seek Validation?

How Often Do You Seek Validation?

So I watched this clip of MJ Harris and I couldn’t watch it enough times already.

How often do you seek validation from others?

You see, it’s natural for human beings to seek validation in a lot of ways. Many times, we go out of our way to control how people view us. We want to make sure others see us in a certain way, through a certain kind of lens that magnifies us in some way.

We unconsciously or subconsciously try to buy respect with money or some other form of vague physical exchange currency.

It’s in the clothes we buy and the boutique we buy them from. It’s in the designer we wear their shoes or the brand we rep their bags.

It’s majorly in following the trendy. We live for the swift turns of vogue.

Not that any of these is wrong. Not that we’re not allowed to satisfy our vain desires. But how often do we take precaution to not lose ourselves in other people’s skin? How often do we hit the brakes in the charade of keeping up with trendy?

Truly, you gotta know when to stop. And stop.

Know it and do it.

Know when to say “I can’t afford to do this right now”. It’s not that difficult when you get used the taste of it on your lips.

Practise away: “I can’t afford to do this right now”.

You could be broke, yeah. It could also mean that particular stuff is not in your budget at the moment. Maybe next time.

You do not need to seek validation from others especially when it’s got to be based on how and what you spend your money on.

You do not need to bribe people to respect you. Yea, I call it bribe.

Whenever you say no to something, imagine that cause you’re saving that money for, then hold your head high and walk away. Whoever demeans you for that either has no real life values or envies your success so bad.

Either ways, it’s one down off bad friends. Oshey monitoring spirits toh bad.


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