How Men Envy Women – Is That a Woman Driving?

How Men Envy Women – Is That a Woman Driving?

Hi TEBians. So there’s this thing that happened yesterday that reminded of this other thing that happened last year. And since we’re celebrating the International Women’s Day today, I feel like the gist is in line. I choose to title it: Is that a woman driving?

So here goes. Yesterday I was on a friend’s bike. He was riding behind a fine car. Considering the normal Lagos kind of traffic, he was doing his best to navigate through and it seemed the car in front was frustrating his efforts.

Next he spat out in his frustration: “Which kain nonsense this person dey drive? I sure say na woman dey drive this kain thing!”

Trust me, I can’t keep quiet. I go at him: “Ehen, so it’s only women that drive nonsense? Men don’t? Yet almost all accidents on the road involve men drivers!”

He continues: “Women no just sabi drive. Their husband go just buy car give them and voom…they’re on the road”.

There! I dunno what pains these men most; the frustration from the alleged bad driving or the fury that the woman-driven car must have been bought by a man. Like…what envy?

Men who cannot afford nice things for their women (or even for themselves) are so embittered by the thought of their fellow men offering these things to their women.

The event of last year just flashed through my mind instantly and I narrated it to him to further counter his opinion:

While I was in Benin city, I was in a commercial bus, sitted at the front passenger seat next to the driver. We were nearing Five Junction when he began cursing at a driver in front of him for being ‘too slow and indecisive’ alleging that it must be a woman. Truly it was a woman and he cussed at her so much with the same lines of ‘”your husband carry car give you and you enter road” and more. I felt so bad with the visible shriek he cussed with. Like what the heck did she do so wrong? Is she to blame for your impatience? Just when I managed to swallow my irritation by biting the insides of my mouth to keep from talking, one car ran out of no where at that Five Junction roundabout almost ramming into ours had our driver not swerved. Our driver was so infuriated and pursued the car into Wire Road to cuss at him, already alleging it was yet another woman. As God is a vindicator, it turned out to be a man driving. I swerved to face the driver to watch him curse this man but he immediately shut his already ajar mouth in disappointment.

No way! I couldn’t shut mine though. I came at him, reminding him how he poured bile on that poor woman whose crime was being patient, but couldn’t even face this man for reckless driving. The other passengers joined me and the driver got shamed.

You see the double standards at play here. For many men, women being good drivers is not doable. They can’t even buy their own cars too. And owning a car from their husband is a crime too.

It’s the International Women’s Day today. Treat women equally. Appreciate their capabilities more. Respect them. And most of all, quit judging women and subjecting them to undue pressure.

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Happy Women’s Day Celebration to all women out there, myself inclusive! Sending you so much love❤.

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