Her Husband Raped Her.

Her Husband Raped Her.

Dear TEBians, I got this heart-wrenching call from a friend and colleague and for some 30 minutes later, I was unable to think of anything else. Neither could I think properly at all.

So this woman came to make inquiry at the Pharmacy on how she could access emergency medical help…

Because her husband raped her! And she strongly suspects him to be HIV positive.

So my friend called me and I directed her to the appropriate Unit in the hospital to give her the required Post Exposure Prophylaxis therapy for medical care. My heart bled. It still bleeds.

These men that do these things, what is your purpose in life? Like, how do you sleep at night? You are a cursed creature. Begetting you into this earth was a terrible mistake, you should have aborted instead! Flushed out like diarrhoeal faeces.

How can you think it’s okay to rape a person? How can you think it’s okay to flex your muscle and show its full strength by raping a woman? How can you even think that you are so entitled to your wife’s body that when you take her violently, against her will, it cannot be termed rape? How skewed can you be? Really.

I cringe each time I hear that word “Rape”, and worse, “Her husband raped her”. Are you one of the mentally retarded men that believe marital rape is not a thing because the wife’s body belongs to them? Or even worse, because you paid for it?

Do you think you can afford to buy a human being? Are you now trafficking your wife? Because last I remember, trading in human beings is trafficking and it is illegal. Do you want to revive slave trade officially? So don’t give me that shit about Bride price equaling ownership of the Lord and servant type. Your wife owns you too yet she didn’t pay your dowry. So that money you so much exalt is infinitesimal, and it doesn’t matter how much it is.

You are just damaged if you think rape is okay. It’s horrible when people even ask “What did the woman do? Let’s hear from both parties”. Just shut up already. Her husband raped her. What else do you want to hear? That she cursed at him? Or she wore a dress he said not to wear? Hanged with a friend he forbade? Or she went partying? Didn’t cook? Talked back while talked? What?

Tell me the worst of reasons to provoke him and I will give you a hundred reasons why no amount of provocation justifies rape. Trust me, if women were the ones who raped men 90% of the time it would have been treated as the evil that it is long ago, with the life imprisonment or death sentence punishment.

But because it is men who rape women 90% of the time, and it is men who make up our lawmaking and enforcement systems, we’re here watering it down, asking silly questions. 

I would have said may your daughters be raped too, single and married, but many of these men still rape their daughters, or are so sexist they won’t even care much for their daughters. Even if they did, they should pay for their own crimes themselves. He, husband, raped her. He should pay.

May you man, be raped, multiple times in your ass, so you know how it feels. Bunch of bastards.

I wish there was a way to scientifically examine a foetus to discover which is a devil’s incarnate and just flush them out; legally. Good riddance!

PS, I am still in the profession of Rapists’ Castration and Ultimate Deathing (RCUD). Be warned.

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