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A Quick Reminder Why You Need This.

This forum is for you if you’re just like me!

You want to go from big dreams to living your dreams.

You’re sick of living for everyone else but yourself.

You feel great panic and anxiety when you imagine standing up for yourself, speaking up for yourself or cutting through the bullshit. 

You’re sick of the societal construct and want to get rid of the pressure.

You have experienced or witnessed varying forms of toxicity and want to let it out. 

You feel all alone, no friends or support system and on the verge of crumbling under the pressure. 

You ultimately need to be in control of your life choices and be happy kicking it.

You need to Be-In-Total-Control-Happily!


Pharm. N.K Igweonyia

This is a train every woman should be on, it’s a happy and comfort place for ladies of different walks of life. We all sure need the encouragement, morale boost and the “I got you” feeling offered here. 

This is a total summary of Ella’s personality and passion , so I have no doubt at all she’ll ace the job and will literally give her entire self into it- completely. 

Once again thank you Ella for this great platform. It’s really a safe haven.

Having known Emmanuella for 16 years, I can truly testify to her outspoken nature and determination to hardwork and progress. She is a very smart and intelligent young lady who believes in moral values. As lively and jovial as she is, she is very level headed and never procrastinates when she means business. She is a multi tasker and delivers promptly.

A wonderful Pharmacist who has passion for vulnerable women and females with one issue or another. Considering the society we live in and the impact it has on the female gender, Emmanuella had relentlessly fought and spoken against issues tackling the female values. She is a fun loving being.

Barr. Jane Duke

Victorene Kalu

This is a welcome development as it levels the playing field for women who want to just breathe, be safe and included yet exclusive, free from all forms of judgement and just living as God intended, alive, hopeful, FREE.

Sign up, life’s too short to be stuck up!

Societies are reformed with time, but women were created to balance the greatness of creation.

Ella is not second class. She is super smart and ambitious.
Ella stands tall, head held high, no fears, no intimidation.
She is super proud of her dignity but to bitch like a rabid dog, hell no….. She does it with a lot of elegance and style.
She sees alot of good and opportunity in everything.
Ella says her mind and kindly listens as she means every word of it so do not misinterpret her.
She is loyal to the core and is a true definition of a friend.
She is in fact the definition of ‘Miss Independent’ by Neyo.

So yeah Ella is just ‘gonna’ be just who she wants to be not what you expect her to be… Read2Bitch Club is her life project.

Pharm. Ada Anaenugwu

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