Double-Dating? How To Sneak Around On Valentine’s Day.

Double-Dating? How To Sneak Around On Valentine’s Day.

While we have and admire many “in-love and committed” lovers, it would be utopian to assume some people are not in uncommitted relationships, open relationships and even complicated relationships, hence double-dating. A lot are also in situationships but we’d leave that for another day.

So for today; you’re in a relationship you’re not committed to, and therefore double-dating. Now it’s Valentine’s Day and your attention is needed both ways… Gengen!!! What do you do? How do you sneak around more than one lover on Valentine’s Day? Here I’m offering you four (4) ways you can do that for free. Yeah thank me later✌.

1. Lie completely.

This is a no-brainer innit? The amount of lies told on Valentine’s Day can win a Guinness World Record. Lol.

“I’m spending the day with my family”… but no pictures to that effect. Hehehe. Ladies are on this table big time. So yes, lies have worked for years unending. Today won’t be the last still.

So are you still trying to choose the lie to go with? I just helped you with one. Today is the day. If you haven’t lied the lie yet, you might be in trouble already😂.

2. Give one your day and the other, your night.

This is also another smart but dicey move. It usually works if you’re intimate with one partner but still testing the waters with the other. So you have an easy excuse to say “we can only have lunch” because of course, “no nights yet”.

3. Fall sick and avoid both.

I call this the “I-don’t-want-any-headache-abeg” move. Hehe. It’s not that hard. You don’t even need to claim malaria or typhoid. Just claim cramps😂. It works all the time.

One would usually choose this option because of any one of the following:

  • No energy to sneak around; it’s stressful and not worth your peace and chill.
  • Chances of succeeding in the hide-and-seek game are slim; maybe because they two unknowing partners live within same area.
  • None is exactly special- so you’re just having fun with the two and you don’t really see any of them as commitment materials (yet). Just stay home and pamper yourself with books, movies, pizza, popcorn and ice cream, whatever you fancy. But be watchful as the one who cares more might just show up to nurse you__ remember you’re “sick”😊.

4. Ditch the minor and sail all the way with the major stakeholder.

So you have one special (maybe not special but knows how to party), and one who does not have much bangs going for him. So you feel you could use some major hits. Oh well just ditch the boring runner-up for the day. Tomorrow is another day to settle your scores.

Disclaimer: thou shall not reference me if caught in your escapades😂

I know y’all have one or more double-dating escapades, please share them below let’s laugh….. and learn too. I’ll share mine of I get up-to five (5) comments✌.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY dearies. And here are five things you must not do today!

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