Demystifying Rape: An Obsession with Power.

Demystifying Rape: An Obsession with Power.

Rape results from an obsession with power. While we have done a lot to advocate against the rape culture, a lot of people still believe that victims of rape (especially when female) stand to be blamed, hence shaming the victims. One still hears skin-cringing statements like “What was she wearing?,” “What was she doing there?,” “She must have led him on,” and all what’s not, all in the bid to shift the blame to the victim of rape.

Surely, it must be her to fault to have provoked a man. After all, let not your dressing lead a brother to sin innit? It’s alarming how humans substituted that sin to mean ‘rape’.

Once again, I reiterate- for the sake of our cognitively uncivilized men and women who are in dire need of mental upgrade- rape is a manifestation of power tussle. Rape is an obsession with power. A rapist craves the need to satisfy his animalistic desire of exerting total power, dominion, over a woman’s body.

A rapist wants to know that he is served the cookie at any goddamn time he needs it; no questions asked, no excuses, no delays; absolute power.

I watched the Hollywood movie, Red Sparrow, played by Jennifer Lawrence. Have you seen it yet? It’s one hellova movie. There is so much I wish to draw from that movie to buttress this rape affair. Meanwhile, the movie has a strong adult theme —no kids allowed.

First, there’s this scene. It’s a hotel room. Jennifer appeared sultry and acted consenting to a sexual affair. The man on the other hand, wanted it violent—typical of a rapist. He chokes her, tears off her panties and enters her violently amidst her pleas of taking it slow.

A rapist attacking his victim

Things worthy of note here:

  • It doesn’t matter that she rented the room and invited him in—she was raped.
  • It doesn’t matter that she was initially consenting—she consented to casual sex, not being raped. Therefore, forceful sexual activity after consent has been withdrawn, is rape.

The rapist was going to feel more gratified taking her by force, basking in the delight of exerting ‘power’ over her. That is the obsession with power. It’s not about the sex for the rapist, it’s about show of power.

In another scene, Jennifer Lawrence was expected to consent to sex with a man who had attempted to rape her earlier— some really weird stuff, you get the whole gist from the movie. Apparently, it was a whore school, some secret Russian government setup.

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My point however is, she had successfully resisted this rapist’s attempt earlier and beat him to a pulp. Now she was being ordered to give herself to him.

One would think he would be excited at finally having sex with her right?—wrong—oh he liked it all right, until she took the reins; looked him in the eye and said “fuck me, I’m ready”.

Rapist being shamed.

Guess what, he couldn’t even get an erection anymore, frustrated at losing control, not being in charge anymore.

Rapist frustrated and shamed

And she gave them the answer that summarizes all I’m emphasizing here: “Power, that’s what he wants”.

All a rapist wants is power.

It’s always about power for the rapist; the quest to be in control, to manipulate, to enslave. The need to know “I own her body’.

It doesn’t matter if she’s dressed up like a nun, she’s as naked as a whore in his eyes. She’s got a vagina that is his for the taking.

It doesn’t matter if she loves him innocently, or desires him too, a rapist prefers to take her by force.

The Nollywood movie, October 1, depicts exactly that when Kehinde Bankole (as Miss Tawa) asked Ademola Adedoyin (as Prince Aderopo):

“Why will you take from me by force what I will willingly give to you?”

That is why you do not say to a woman whose husband rapes her “Maybe you don’t give him sex often”. She could be willing to give Kama Sutra but he wouldn’t be moved. In fact, he’d rather not fuck her when she wants it but at his own time, in his own demons. Because that is what rape is, an obsession with power.

Therefore, it is pertinent to learn that rape is never a result of a victim’s behaviour, but a psychological obsession with exerting control over another’s body. Why else would wealthy, respected and powerful men who can afford consensual sex with any woman of choice prefer to rape women, owning sex slaves? Why?

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I would love to get your reaction in the comment box. Cheers.

Please share let more people learn that rape is an obsession with power, a psychological sickness. Let’s erase obsolete views of rape. The actions of a rapist is not the victim’s fault.

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