Corona Isolation; How’s You Doing?

Corona Isolation; How’s You Doing?

Hey people. It’s the isolation season. Crazy period right? Definitely! so what are you doing this period? Although I’m grateful that we are not victims of the hazardous corona virus, it’s still a great deal of torture pulling thru the social suspension. So whachya upto?

Have you done the Bob Daddy challenge? Or the married women challenge? Or any other one at that? Or did you jump on the G’string thread? Are you in on the Funky Akindele drama? Or are you one of those arrested for playing football on the streets? Plenty drama everywhere on these corona streets.

Oh well, I’m taking some breathing space this period. Though I’m not on total lock down cos I’m an essential worker, it’s still a lot of breathing space at the moment.

Maybe it’s the time to start my YouTube channel? Or my podcasts. What’s it gonna be? Truth be told, I haven’t figured that out yet. But I’d surely pay it some attention. Work can so easily get in the way and stress?

Shoot! My second name is stress. This entire year has been off-the-hook stressful as I started a new job and the pressure to prove myself…pheew! This is me finally breathing, sleeping and ultimately blogging.

If you’re in Lagos like me, please stay safe. You see, medical workers like me can be stubborn and less paranoid a lot. For instance, my boyfriend has to force me to use the nose mask while I’m busy sounding professional quoting WHO: “You don’t need the nose mask if you’re not sick or caring for a sick person😂”. Please o don’t be like me. Listen to your paranoid loved ones; it’s better safe than sorry.

What are you doing for corona isolation? Share your video link with me lemme feed my eyes. Cheers.

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1 year ago

Nice content and arrangement. Organization is top notch Nice one dear

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