Valentine’s Day: Where is your Boyfriend? |BitchUp Ep9

Valentine’s Day is just by the corner. In this episode, I examine the boyfriend pressure surrounding the event. Yes, the question everyone is asking you “Where is your boyfriend?”😄 And all the things you can do on Valentine’s Day to have fun.

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The Silhouette Challenge – Empowering or Doom? |BitchUp Ep8

This trend #silhouettechallenge is crazy like what the f***? What are your thoughts on this challenge. Do you consider it empowering or does it spell doom for the women who participate? There’s been top controversy with some people outrightly condemning it as devilish why some other parties support it as empowering because the female body is over-policed. What do you think? About the Silhouette Challenge. Let me first explain what the silhouette challenge is in case you’re not quite aware. The silhouette challenge is a TiK ToK trend where a woman goes nude in semi-darkness against a red light background

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The Madam Vice President and You – What To Learn |BitchUp Ep7

This past week was a memorable one – an official history-making one. Our darling ol’ United States held their inauguration for the new POTUS Joe Biden. You know who the history is about, don’t you? Our darling Kamala Harris! The first ever female vice president of the US! Woo-hoo! Bitches winning everywhere I turn! And so this episode has me asking you what the f*** are you doing beating yourself up settling for less, when there’s so much more out there?

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The Stingy Men Association – Unconditional Love? |Bitchup Ep6.

This time our social media is agog with two newly-inaugurated associations: First the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria known as SMAN for short, and second, the Stingy Women Association of Nigeria SWAN for short. In ths episode, I will take a review of these two, hot and dripping associations, their origin and ideologies and then give you my very unbiased opinion on the whole brouhaha…

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DNA Test Craze – Who’s Your Daddy? |BitchUp Ep5

DNA Test is the latest trending issue innit? Plenty stories the touch have been flying around. Women are scum is the parade song in vogue. “Ah women bad! After God fear women.” In this episode, I will dive into this overflowing river of DNA Test double wahala, dissect the Cause-Effect relationship to help us handle this problem properly. In the meantime, who’s your daddy?😁

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You And The Abroad Guys This Christmas |BitchUp Ep4.

Hey girl! ‘Tis the Christmas season! The season of local breakups and international hookups. Have you seen the broad guys around? They’re here, prowling and fancying. In this episode, I take you through their tactics, how to spot the ingenuine ones and your defence mechanism. Leggo…!

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How To Stop Comparing Yourself With Others|Bitchup Ep 3

Do you often find yourself comparing your life to that of others, even when you don’t mean to do so? You just find yourself being drawn to do that. It can sometimes be a subconscious act that you don’t mean to do, or you simply consciously indulge in it out of feeling of helplessness and insecurities.

In this episode, we explore the reasons you compare yourself to others, the dangers of this self-deprecating habit and how you can get rid of the compulsion to compare.

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These Words Downplay Women’s Voices & Challenges |Bitchup Ep2

Several studies have shown that men present with difficulties in paying attention to a woman speaking.  Several words and phrases are also often used to drown or downplay women’s voice and challenges. In this episode, I will take you through these reasons and some of these words…

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Inhibitions to Women’s Self-Actualization|Bitchup Episode 1

What is self-actualization and why are there inhibitions to self-actualizaton peculiar to women? Understand why you fall short in the d…

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